May Monthly Actions & Meeting W/ Andrés Jimenez, Green 2.0

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Each month, Citizens’ Climate Lobby supporters gather locally for a monthly meeting where we educate ourselves by listening to a guest speaker. Go to your local chapter's page to find out more about your chapter's plans for listening in. May's Monthly Meeting took place on Saturday, May 8th and featured a conversation with Andres Jimenez, Green 2.0 Executive Director.

0ad7a2f558021c010c81532515512c0c-huge-anPeople of color are likely to be the most impacted by environmental and climate degradation. And yet, they are typically the most underrepresented in environmental organizations and the national conversation about cleaning up our environment. Our guest this month is Andrés Jimenez, Executive Director of Green2.0, an organization dedicated to increasing the diversity of voices being heard at the table when it comes to environmental justice. Before joining Green2.0, Andres was Senior Director of Government Affairs for Citizens' Climate Lobby. Before that, he was Associate Director of Government Relations at Ocean Conservancy. He has also worked on the Hill in the offices of Rep. Linda Sanchez and Rep. Howard Berman.

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May's Monthly Actions (click here to download the full sheet)

  1. Special communication exercise: Practice saying the bill's main four messages (acronym NAMS)
  2. Get primed for our June Conference and Lobby Week
  3. Nurture chapter members, new and veteran
  4. Meet with mayors to build relationships and support
  5. Social media bonus action: Watch, like and share CCL’s bill reintroduction video
Group Leaders: check out the “Suggestions for Group Leader" PDF for how to use the May Action Sheet.
Posted by Brett Cease on Apr 30, 2021 2:41 PM America/Los_Angeles

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