Free Estate Planning Resources From A New CCL Partner

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Free Estate Planning Resources From A New CCL Partner.

5c499d40ddd4b1852da40c5b0de641bf-huge-snBy Lynate Pettengill, CCL/CCE Senior Development Director

I’ve been hearing from supporters around the country that the pandemic we’re currently facing has made difficult family conversations more common: 

“If a family member has to go to the hospital alone and can’t speak for themselves, who will make the medical decisions?”

“If I get too sick to manage my business, who will be able to handle it for me?”

“What legacy will I leave behind for future generations?”

Please know that you’re not alone in these thoughts and experiences. I’m thinking of you and share the same concerns. When COVID-19 started these conversations within my family, it was a wakeup call. In the last couple of weeks I’ve drafted a will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directives. And while I hope that I won’t need these documents for many years, I feel a peace of mind knowing that I’ve prepared for the worst. 

In case you or other loved ones are making similar decisions right now, CCL has partnered with FreeWill to help you plan ahead, save on your taxes, and possibly support CCL in these uncertain times.

If you don’t have the following documents drafted and signed, we hope you'll take advantage of the free legal document preparation services offered by FreeWill. These include their will-writing, Advanced Healthcare Directive, Power of Attorney, and Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) tools. 

Within your will, you have the option to name CCL as one of your beneficiaries, but you certainly don’t have to to take advantage of these services. If you do name CCL as one of your beneficiaries, we would be honored to receive a bequest. You would be joining our Citizens’ Climate Legacy Club, a cohort of core supporters who help ensure a healthy climate for generations to come. 

I continue to be inspired by your passion for the climate, even in the midst of this pandemic. We’re in this fight together and your volunteer work has already shown your commitment to a better world. I hope these tools can bring you and your loved ones some peace of mind in these most uncertain times.


Posted by Brett Cease on Apr 14, 2020 11:40 AM America/Los_Angeles


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