Monthly Action Sheets

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Every month CCL suggest actions for chapters and volunteers that are designed to build political will for a livable world. These actions are laid out on a monthly Action Sheet that includes a usage page for group leaders, links to the national call and information on the national speaker. 
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Download/Access Action Sheets

Google doc, Word (.docx) and pdf versions of current and past Action Sheets are available.


Note: Group leaders have the option to download a PDF or Word (.docx) version of the action sheet. The Word version includes the advance planning page for group leaders (to be deleted before sending to the full group) while the PDF version does not (there is a separate standalone PDF page for the advance planning page given that most computers aren't set up to edit PDFs).
July 2024 Action Sheet July 2024 Action Sheet (.docx)1583 KB
July 2024 Action Sheet July 2024 Action Sheet (.pdf)383 KB

For Group Leaders

Monthly action sheets are a great tool for Group Leaders, allowing them to lean on the national organization for guidance around actions, agendas and ideas - though by no means is there a requirement to do so. Many groups share the whole monthly action sheet with their group over email, while others create their own version of the action sheet, picking and choosing various pieces to add to their agenda. It can be helpful to have a front page with your own local meeting agenda, followed by successive pages that include detailed guidance for national actions.

Virtual Signup Sheet Template

Note: Our Virtual Signup Sheet Template provides group leaders the chance to make a copy of a standard Google Form for their local chapter to use to engage volunteers to sign-up for the monthly actions. Click here to make your own copy and feel free to edit, delete, or add questions to make it fit your chapter.

Here's what one group leader had to say about the new sign-up sheets: 

"I started our monthly meeting with the reminder that we come together as a CCL chapter each month so that each of us can determine our "personal monthly climate action". Then, right away, I shared the link to the virtual signup sheet. During the course of the meeting, I referenced the virtual signup sheet additional times and shared the link again each time. Afterwards I go back through the responses and connect volunteers with resources on CCL Community or with an Action Team leader or CCL staff who can help them figure out how to take the actions they want to take this month." -Sean Dague, CCL NY Mid Hudson South Chapter

July 2024 Action Sheet - Advance planning for GLsJuly 2024 Action Sheet - Advance planning for GLs(.pdf)64 KB

For All Volunteers:

Referencing or printing the action sheet out each month, and posting it where you can see it, is a great way to stay involved and connected to effective climate actions that you can take on a regular basis.

  1. Audio and video recordings of previous CCL monthly speakers are available and accessible from the Monthly Speakers page.
  2. Google doc versions of current and past Action Sheets are also available.
  3. Send your feedback and suggestions on this month's Action Sheet to 

Previous Monthly Action Sheets

2024 June Action Sheet (.docx)(.pdf)(advance planning for GLs)
2024 May Action Sheet (.docx)(.pdf)(advance planning for GLs)
2024 April Action Sheet (.docx)(.pdf)(advance planning for GLs)
2024 March Action Sheet (.docx)(.pdf)(advance planning for GLs)
2024 February Action Sheet (.docx)(.pdf)(advance planning for GLs)
2024 January Action Sheet (.docx)(.pdf)(advance planning for GLs)

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We understand that some groups may not have the capacity to complete every monthly action. Please do what is best for your group. Citizens’ Climate is adapting to COVID-19. Resources on this page may need adjusting to your current circumstances. More Info.
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