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Monthly Action Sheets

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Each month CCL provides coordinated actions for each chapter that build political will for a livable world. This resource page provides a link to the current monthly action sheet and access to all of the archives.
Usage Instructions
Realizing some groups may not have the capacity to complete every monthly action, please do what feels right for your group. You can learn about the current month's advocacy actions and find detailed instructions for each type of action below.

Note: The recordings of previous CCL monthly speakers are available as both audio and video recordings and accessible from the Monthly Speakers page.

Note: Group leaders have the option to download a PDF or Word (.docx) version of the action sheet in English or Spanish. The Word version includes the advance planning page for group leaders (to be deleted before sending to the full group) while the PDF version does not (there is a separate standalone PDF page for the advance planning given that most computers aren't set up to edit PDFs).
February 2021 Action SheetFebruary 2021 Action Sheet(.docx)1481 KB
February 2021 Action SheetFebruary 2021 Action Sheet(.pdf)446 KB
February 2021 Action Sheet - Advance planning for GLsFebruary 2021 Action Sheet - Advance planning for GLs(.pdf)43 KB
February 2021 Action Sheet (Spanish)February 2021 Action Sheet (Spanish)(.docx)1243 KB

Previous Monthly Action Sheets

2020 Archives (Google Drive link)

2019 Archives (Google Drive link)

2018 Archives (Google Drive link)  

2017 Archives(Google Drive link)

2016 Archives (Google Drive link)

Chapter Organizing
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