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Dennis Heller
IMGP9260.JPG IMGP9272.JPG    These photos were taken today, Nov. 26, 2020 (thanksgiving) in central NJ. Cherry blossoms in bloom. One of the photos shows a honeybee on one of the blossoms!!!. 
Dennis Heller 6hour(s)
In Progress
Current temperature in Monroe, NJ is 67 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Camille Hall
Hi everyone! My name is Camille. I'm a biologist and artist. I'm so excited to start working with CCL to protect our wonderful planet and learn along with you all. I'm looking forward to learning the ropes here. :) 
Camille Hall 1day(s)
John Gage John Gage 1day(s)
Hi Camille,

We're all excited to work with you too!  (All 195,000 of us!!!).  Together, we got this!  In case you ...
Saraly Gonzalez
Interpreting Thanksgiving in 2020 By Saraly Gonzalez Fall 2020 DEI Intern As we gather this holiday season in a different manner than any of us have ever experienced, it might be time to approach Thanksgiving with a different perspective as well. Just as “Pilgrims” offered a feast to ...
Saraly Gonzalez 2day(s)
Thank you for this important information and these great resources, Saraly!

Thank you very much for this post. There is a book I plan to readand perhaps you may want to add to the list of ...
Bruce Hagen
Please create export to .csv" under the "Adv Search" tab. This is important especially for collecting contact information for businesses from a variety of Chapters who have signed one of the BCL Declarations. Also,   could you add an export .csv file button on the Endorsement map, allowing us ...
Bruce Hagen 3day(s)
In Progress
Daniela Brod
Last week, Danny went over a "Carbon Pricing Is Popular" companion document to the Primary Ask sheet for Dec 2020 lobby days. Where do I find that?
Daniela Brod 3day(s)
Thanks Daniela Brod ‍ for the great question! it's right below the Primary Ask on the Primary Ask resource  

Thank you -somehow missed that. duh!
DanielaBrod     CCLVolunteer   Oregon StateCoordinator
Karen Soubeyrand
Just wondering if CCL has any guidelines on the use of photos on Social particular, use of photos of minor children.  Do we have some sort of release prepared?
Thank you Karen Soubeyrand ‍ ‍ for the excellent question - if your local chapter wants to feature a photo, video, ...
Maia Adams
Hi! My name is Maia Adams and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! I graduated from high school this past May in the class of 2020. I had planned on attending Occidental College in Los Angeles this fall, but due to COVID and the inability for me to be on campus, I deferred for this academic year. However, ...
Maia Adams 4day(s)
Hello Maia and welcome to CCL! Thanks so much for signing up to join us! I am glad to hear that you are deciding to use ...
Great to have you on the team, Maia! Congratulations on graduating, what a tough year for your class. Just a few ...
Aaron Hoffman
Hello, our chapter (Colorado Grand Junction/Grand Valley) recently got an endorsement from a local outdoor recreation business development organization. They are filling out the endorsement form on, but they also want a written endorsement or proclamation for ...
Aaron Hoffman 5day(s)
Thank you Aaron Hoffman ‍ for the great question and congratulations on the endorsement! 

I believe you might find ...
Hi Aaron Hoffman ‍,

For endorsers who would like to have their own paper copy of an endorsement, there is a pdf form on ...

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