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Glenn Newland
Hello, my name is Glenn Newland and my wife and I just moved to Eugene.   I love to hike and take photos and hope I can be a productive team member in support of the community.  I have worked as a manager in the motion picture post production world for over 30 years and now I hope I can make a difference. ...
Glenn Newland 14hour(s)
Terry Hansen
The US Naval War College held a Jan. 8 virtual event titled, "The National Security Significance of a Changing Climate: Risk and Resilience in the 21st Century."  I personally found the messages from the first few speakers, including Alice Hill, to be particularly valuable.  Hill is the ...
Terry Hansen 21hour(s)
In Progress
Beka Bielman
Hi, I'm a new action team leader and I'm having issues with my roster. I am a chapter member of the CCL Snohomish Chapter as well. When I look for my action team roster on my action team page, I keep getting the roster for my CCL chapter. I don't think I should have control of the chapter's roster ...
Beka Bielman 1day(s)
Sara Wanous Sara Wanous 22hour(s)
Hi Beka! Thanks for checking in, I can see how the lay out made this confusing. We do not have rosters for action ...
Brett Cease Brett Cease 22hour(s)
Thank you Beka Bielman ‍ for the great question!

Unfortunately this has to do with the way CCL's data is managed ...
Michelle Hamilton
Hi, We have a new CCL chapter volunteer who also has a homestead. They were named Homestead of the Year by Mother Earth News Magazine several years ago, and he's been blogging for them ever since. Has CCL ever gotten covered by that magazine? Any suggestions on approach? Thanks, Michelle ...
Brett Cease Brett Cease 21hour(s)
Great question Michelle Hamilton ‍ -  - I'll let Flannery Winchester ‍ or Steve Valk ‍ take it from here to pass on ...
Very cool! I'm not aware of any CCL coverage in that magazine. I would start by asking that volunteer if he sees an ...
Lucy Gregersen
My name is Lucy and I'm originally from Washington, and am currently a student at University of Minnesota studying environmental science! Excited to get started with climate advocacy!
Lucy Gregersen 1day(s)
Lunia Oriol Lunia Oriol 23hour(s)
Hi Lucy, welcome to CCL! Your enthusiasm and your extensive knowledge surrounding environmental science will be ...
Max Broad
This podcast from the right leaning Washington Times states that it seeks views from all sides. It might be a prudent avenue to pitch for a CCL pro to speak on an episode on climate.
Max Broad 1day(s)
Brett Cease Brett Cease 21hour(s)
Thanks Max Broad ‍ for the great recommendation - I'll let Flannery Winchester ‍ or Steve Valk ‍ take it from here to ...
Thanks for flagging this, Max! I'll see if I can get one of our conservative folks placed here.
David Kline
Evidently the dashboard page changed form recently. Now I don't see a mailbox. I've seen posts about "My Messages" that suggest I should see it on the left side of the Dasshboard by Tools etc., but I don't see anything there. Is it a bug or just my density (recall Back to the Future.) I have tried a ...
David Kline 1day(s)
In Progress
 I have seen thus on my end a couple of times as well. i do believe its a bug by chance but i haven't heard a ...
Thanks David Kline ‍ and Joshua King ‍ - you're entirely correct - this morning the Main Top Menu transitioned into a ...
Carol Farrell
I am a recent retiree who has lived in San DIego for 30+ years. I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) and moved here in my 20s as a graduate student. I became a legal resident of the US in 1989 but am not an American citizen. I believe the fight for climate change is a global one. Here in California ...
Carol Farrell 1day(s)
Lunia Oriol Lunia Oriol 23hour(s)
Hi Carol, and thanks for introducing yourself here. We're so excited to have you as a part of CCL! Your commitment ...

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