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Jerry Porter
I want to export a list of endorsers for Oregon from the Grasstops Engagement Tracker.

I can list them in the Advanced Search tab, by selecting Status = "Signed" and State = "Oregon". But there's no Export feature on this tab.

When I go to the My Region tab, there's an Export button, but no ...
Jerry Porter 35minute(s)
Brett Cease Brett Cease 33minute(s)
Thanks Jerry Porter ‍ for the excellent question 

I'm moving this topic over to the Grasstops Forums for leaders ...
Georgia Cogsdill
Hello all!

My name is Georgia and I am a university student in Chicago. I am majoring in environmental engineering and care deeply about the future of our planet! I am so excited to use my time to create a difference in something I am passionate about. I have just joined the group and I am looking ...
Georgia Cogsdill 4hour(s)
John Skoug
I attended two very insightful events on-line this week.  The first was an event sponsored by RFF (Resources for the Future), entitled "The Future of Carbon Pricing - 2020 and Beyond".  Watch it here.
Nat Keohane - Environmental Defense Fund
Joseph Majkut, Niskanen Center
Adele ...
John Skoug 5hour(s)
Sara Wanous Sara Wanous 5hour(s)
Thanks for these awesome links and summaries! I'm going to move this over to the news and reports forum because I ...
Brett Cease Brett Cease 4hour(s)
Thank you John for spotlighting these two amazing events! To help play connector between related threads they've ...
Randy McNamara
During my research I came across a book by Norwegian psychologist/economist Per Espen Stoknes entitled “What we think about when we try not to think about global warming.”  One chapter he calls “The Beingness of Air”. I propose that this section is a natural bridge between conservatives and ...
Randy McNamara 9hour(s)
In Progress
Garrett Pennell

It would be nice if we could customize the header in the emails that we send to our chapter through CCL Community, such that we could include a CCL Brand Guidelines-compliant banner that shows the chapter name ( e.g.  "CCL Dallas") and a footer that goes to our local social media accounts ...
Garrett Pennell 23hour(s)
In Progress
Charlie Lindahl

Received via a local (Houston) climate change mailing list.

NOT CCL specific, but might be of general interest. Price is reasonaable ($25 or $50).
If you get in touch with them (TCC) you can get a coupon for %50 off the registration price.

Charlie Lindahl / member of The Woodlands and Brazos ...

Charlie Lindahl 1day(s)
Preston Bowes
I am recent PhD grad fortunate enough to work from home as a postdoctoral researcher. My expertise is in computational materials science (specifically point defects in ceramics and insulators) so I have a good general STEM foundation, but am not (yet!) an expert on climate science. Climate ...
Preston Bowes 2day(s)
Steve Valk

Just a reminder that CCL's communications staff, Flannery Winchester and I, are hosting a live Q&A support call this week for media managers and group leaders to help you with your media efforts. 

Date:  Thursday, Oct. 22

Time:  8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT (This is one hour before the ...

Steve Valk 2day(s)

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