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Donald Kemper 176666
Has anyone ever tried a grassroots neighbor-to-neighbor campaign to show majority support for CCL or its efforts toward a Climate Solution?
Here's an idea we might consider trying in a sample of Boise neighborhoods with the dual objectives of getting new CCL activists and demonstrating ...
Donald Kemper 1day(s)
Sarah Braik 17580 Sarah Braik 8hour(s)
I do not.
100% seems like a lofty goal!
T Todd Elvins 16880 T Todd Elvins 19hour(s)
Sarah Braik Ed Pontius Peter Dugas Tony Sirna Tim Dec ‍ 

Do you know of volunteers who have tried the grassroots ...
Zane Bartlett 176385
Hello everyone, I had a question about the MCC and it's scheduling.

Considering we have our chapter meeting each month, one person will usually make a MCC call at the chapter to show how easy and simple it is. This has lead me to wonder if there's any good reason we can't set everyone's MCC day to call ...
Zane Bartlett 1day(s)
Flannery Winchester 16871
Hi folks! We have a new op-ed from Mark Reynolds available for you to personalize and submit to your local newspaper. The op-ed focuses on the emergency COVID-19 relief plans that will put cash in people’s pockets. It then goes on to suggest that we use the same “cash payment” or “dividend” idea ...
Ashley Hunt-Martorano 16868
The DFW Chapter of CCL has been trying to find ways to show love to the businesses they worked with back when meeting in person and I wanted to give them a shout-out and share what they're doing! They highlighted the pizza place where they have happy hours and the bookstore that hosts their Climate ...
Aww yay! Thanks for sharing what we've been doing!
Brilliant idea, Breanna and the rest of the DFW team!
Brett Cease 13

I've been fielding questions about volunteers concerned about wanting to make sure that they are set up in their meetings to prevent a phenomenon known as  " ZoomBombing " or " Zoom Trolling ." While incredibly unlikely to happen to you if you're hosting, we cover this on the  How To Host Online ...

Brett Cease 1day(s)
Jeff Joslin 17715
Bill Gates discusses COVID-19 on a TED 

This was excellent. On a recently taped TED Talks Forum Discussion, Bill Gates discusses Covid-19. Research, current knowledge, projection for the future and most importantly HOPE. It’s worth an hour.  Gates mentions near the end that this crisis is ...
Jeff Joslin 2day(s)
Here'e an even more recent interview with Bill Gates discussing why an Easter return to work is not realistic. 

Steve Valk 16864
Our volunteers are great at getting letters to the editor and op-eds published in their local newspapers. We'd like to turn our attention now toward generating news stories about our activities and policy.

Tonight, CCL Communications Director Flannery Winchester will lead a training to ...
Steve Valk 2day(s)
Dan May 55526
I wanted to see how a zoom meeting works on a phone.  I opened a meeting on my computer with my Zoom account, then sent an invitation (via email) to my wife via email.  When she clicked on the link in the email, using her phone, she got the message "Safari cannot open the page because the address is ...
Dan May 3day(s)
Hey Dan, 
That's frustrating. Let's see what we can do to help. Can you send the invitation to me at ...

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