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Wharton Sinkler 17272
There's been a lot of press about the recent report of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, specifically the Democrats on the committee.  See:  

I read a piece about it today, by Maryanne Lavelle of InsideClimate News, see  ...
Wharton Sinkler 2day(s)
In Progress
Thanks Wharton Sinkler ‍ for the great question! I'm copying CCL's Government Affairs Coordinator Adeline ...
Donald Adams 44255
The right side of my Community Daily Digest is shifted to the right from the title and the far right margin is cut off.  Reducing the print size helps but doesn't fully correct this unless the print is too small to read.  If the text wasn't shifted to the right, this wouldn't be problem.  Using MacOS ...
Donald Adams 2day(s)
In Progress
Thanks Donald Adams ‍! I'll defer to IT but what will help out is if you could attach a screen shot of what you're ...
Ruby Zawel 230613
Hi all!
I'm Ruby, currently she/her/hers, and I'm in middle school. I run an activism team called Kids talk Climate, which has local chapters throughout the U.S.
I'm also a member of the Sunrise Movement. So happy to be part of this community!
Ruby Zawel 2day(s)
Stuart Birnbaum 17081
I am providing a link to the Majority Staff Report "Solving the Climate Crisis" that was just released.  Note that it is a PDF file 547 pages long.  I have not yet gone through the document myself.    ...
Stuart Birnbaum 3day(s)
The section "Put a Price on Carbon Pollution" is on pages 286-287.
Steve Valk 16864
Congratulations to the Jacksonville chapter for getting radio coverage about their lobby meeting with Republican Congressman John Rutherford:

Advocates Virtually Meet With Jacksonville Rep. John Rutherford To Talk Climate Change

Chapter co-leader Adam Rosenblatt was quoted:
“It was ...
Steve Valk 4day(s)
Charles Gabrys 51743
Using a Samsung s8 Android phone, I see no editor buttons associated with the "message body" box of action team emails. On this bug report, while the keyboard is up, the top two lines of the message body are covered by a strip containing three bars, the CCL Community logo, and a magnifying glass.
Charles Gabrys 4day(s)
Need more information
Thanks for the report, Charles. Could you send us a screenshot as well? If you can't see the image icon to upload a ...
Nadine Kadell Sapirman 17270
Hi there,
I'm setting up Forums for one of the groups I belong to.  What does the "enable view tracking" setting do?
Hey Nadine,
View tracking tracks the number of views for a particular post. See the image below of the little ...
Barbara S. Wilson 89532
I'm worrying that we are not in the mix as if HR 763 doesn't exist. Would be happy to hear some discussion about this and discussion of a respectful approach for joining the prep session.

Here's the link: ...

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