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Jeff Joslin

Why we all need to practice emotional first aid

Guy Winch¬†‚Äʬ†TEDxLinnaeusUniversity¬†‚Äʬ†November 2014

We'll go to the doctor when we feel flu-ish or a nagging pain. So why don't we see a health professional when we feel emotional pain: guilt, loss, loneliness? Too many of us deal with common ...
Jeff Joslin 9hour(s)
In Progress
Peterson Toscano

When we hear stories, we listen with a different part of our brain - a less critical and more open-minded part. This is the value of storytelling, and we can use this understanding to help others better understand the importance of climate action. 

In light of leading tonight's most ...

    Peterson Toscano 16hour(s)
    Tamara Staton Tamara Staton 10hour(s)
    I'm almost always up for a 'challenge'! 
    Here's my personal climate story...can't wait to hear yours!

    Tamara ...
    Gillian Roy Gillian Roy 5hour(s)
    Here's one of my stories about climate change :) 

    Bell Canyon, CA


    R Bruce Cooper
    During a Zoom meeting with the Energy/Environment Aide in PA16 yesterday, he asked a question I couldn't answer. In the National Impact per Consumption Quintile chart, for instance, the All Households bar only adds up up 85%. Who (or what) makes up the other 15%? 
    R Bruce Cooper 18hour(s)
    Sara Wanous Sara Wanous 14hour(s)
    Good question! In the Household Impact Study, you'll notice most of the bar graphs are broken up into two colors ...
    Thanks for your answer. I guess it's not surprising that an aide to a Republican congressman would zoom in on that ...
    Shelby Boos
    Hello Citizen Climate Lobby!
    As a new supporter of the team, I'd like to introduce myself.
    My name is Shelby and I hope to contribute time and ideas to solve climate change. My passion for change sparked exponentially when studying for a BSLA in Landscape Architecture and minoring in ...
    Shelby Boos 1day(s)
    Ishani Ray
    Hello everyone,

    I am Ishani Ray from Stillwater, Oklahoma. I am currently a freshman at Oklahoma State University majoring in Chemistry and Psychology. My mother is a big, BIG fan of sustainability and I got that drive from her I guess. Being a single mother, for the most part, she had to pick her ...
    Ishani Ray 1day(s)
    Brett Cease

    Climate Change & the American Voter

    Thursday, September 24 at 11:30 a.m. ‚Äď 1:00 p.m. ET.

    As ¬†climate change becomes a top issue for voters , please join Resources for the Future for ‚ÄúClimate Insights 2020: Climate Change and the American Voter‚ÄĚ as we host a timely conversation on American public ...

    Brett Cease 1day(s)
    Ken Kershner
    Does CCL have any sponsors in the PSC?  Seems like a natural fit for HR 763 recruitment given their requirement to have R & D members join in equal numbers. 
    Ken Kershner 2day(s)
    Hi Ken! 

    I found this previous forum post that links to this spreadsheet that tracks certain committee and caucus ...
    Hi Ken, 

    Thanks for the question! Five PSC members cosponsor the EICDA. Rep. Salud Carbajal, Rep. Daniel ...
    Linda DeLap
    Does anyone have suggestions of how to engage new CCL members who appear on our chapter roster? Here is what our chapter has been doing. If a phone number is given, one of us calls, but 90% of the time, no one answers. We leave a phone message inviting them to call back, but they almost never do. In our ...
    Linda DeLap 3day(s)

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