Organizing & Mentoring Your Group

Topic page to help you maintain and motivate your chapter.


Building and sustaining a CCL group takes time, attention and heart. These trainings are designed to help you learn best practices to maintain and motivate your chapter.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Chapter Development Basics

This training is designed to demystify the process of starting, growing and running a CCL chapter, and help provide an overview of what's involved. Learn now!

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Starting a Local Chapter

Follow this checklist below for some guidelines on how to best get started in forming a new group (chapter) for Citizens' Climate Lobby. Learn now!

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Hosting Your Climate Advocate Training Workshop

This training is the starting place to help provide a guide for new Group Leaders planning on hosting a Climate Advocate Training workshop locally to know the best practices and tips for getting everything started from beginning to end! Learn now!

Getting New Volunteers Engaged

Practical advice for how to find out what volunteers enjoy, and empower them to do that. Learn now!

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Getting Help with the Work

Learn ways to get members involved and helping with the workload including tips on delegating and opportunities for everyone in your group. Learn now!

Organizing A Five Levers Workshop

CCL Field Development Director Elli Sparks walks through her new workshop to guide chapters in organizing around the Five Levers to help you divide your chapter into teams to tackle the work.  Learn now!

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Keeping Volunteers Engaged

Learn to keep attendance up at meetings, how to keep people informed and how to delegate and keep people constantly involved. Learn now!

Being Supportive and Inspiring Action

Inspire action by learning how to respond with integrity and optimism when others drop the ball. Learn now!

Creating Highly Motivated Teams

Learn to create the conditions within which volunteers motivate themselves. Learn now!

Developing Your Chapter's Action Plan

This training provides a thorough guide for groups to plan their 2021 actions around organized by CCL's lever of political will. Learn now!

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Online Group Organizing Tools

Explore additional tools including Google Drive, Slack, and Evernote that CCL groups have been using to help manage your chapter's communications effectively and organize information. Learn now!

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Dive Deeper

Share your chapter development questions about organizing and mentoring your CCL group in the Chapter Organizing forum discussions. (group development too!)