Core Volunteer Trainings

A sampler of all the basic trainings to get you up and running. For new volunteers or anyone who could use a brush-up on a specific topic.


Once you've taken Climate Advocate Training, you're ready to connect with your local chapter and jump right in. Core Volunteer Trainings are held on Tuesdays weekly to help you hone your skills in some of CCL's most essential action areas.

Recommended training, resources, and more

The Economics Of Carbon Fee & Dividend Policies

Robert Archer, retired US-AID economist, walks through the economic case for carbon fee and dividend. Learn now!

Communicating With Progressives

Best practices for communicating with people of different political beliefs including specific advice for progressive communities Learn now!

Using Social Media Basics

An introduction to how you can use Facebook and Twitter in your work with CCL. Learn now!

Science of Climate Change

Climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe explains the scientific evidence for climate change, and answers common questions. Learn now!

Communicating With Conservatives

Best practices for communicating with people of different political beliefs including specific advice for conservative communities Learn now!


CCL's President and Founder Marshall Saunders shares his stories about the early days of CCL and helps you prepare your own. Learn now!

Welcome and Getting Started

Learn how to use CCL's main websites to get up to speed, and identify opportunities for participation which match your talents and interests. Learn now!

Understanding Congress & The Legislative Process

Brush up on the basics of how a bill becomes a law, and get insights into what it's like to work and make policy on Capitol Hill. Learn now!

Practicing Effective Lobbying

Learn the most important considerations in preparing for our lobby meetings and see a demonstration of what these meetings really look like. Learn now!

Print Media Basics

Learn how to write effective letters to the editor and build relationships with members of your local print media. Learn now!

Engaging Community Leaders

Learn how to engage the support of your local community leaders for climate action, and how we collaborate and organize this. Learn now!

Dive Deeper

Email Brett Cease, CCL's Volunteer Education & Engagement Coordinator with any questions or feedback you have.