We’re breaking the silence on climate change

Since April 1, 2024 about climate change
Americans don’t talk enough about climate change. Let’s fix that.

CCL is asking volunteers across the country to have open and honest conversations with their friends, family, and communities. We started with a goal of 25,000 for Earth Month. And, we’re keeping it going.

Why Talking Matters

For such a big problem, we don’t talk much about climate change. All that silence makes climate change seem less urgent than it actually is, which in turn keeps us from adopting solutions at the pace that is needed. After all, if nobody is talking about it, how important can it be?

When we talk about climate change with our friends and family, the more real and relevant it becomes. And that makes it more likely that we can move from just talking to acting.

Katherine Hayhoe quote - No one does anything unless it feels important. And if no one is talking about it, how important can it be?

3 Steps to Talking About Climate Change

Talking about climate change doesn't have to be complicated. It's about keeping it real and relatable with the people in your life. This simple, 3-step process can help your conversations be more meaningful.



Connect on a personal level with an opening question.

Here’s an example:

"I've been a bit worried about how climate change will affect [include impact - i.e. my kids/grandkids/future generations, local economy, etc.] What about you?"



Bring out concerns and impacts through facts and data.

Here’s an example:  

“Right now, the world is heating up to 50 times faster than it has at any other time in history.”



Talk about solutions and your experience volunteering with CCL.

Here’s an example:  

“If we act now, we can protect the planet for future generations. Our elected officials have the keys to solutions, but we need them to act. ”


Resources to support your conversations

Watch CCL's April Webinar with Ernesto Alcantar of Potential Energy!

Say This, Not That
Potential Energy outlines what to say about climate change and why to say it that way in this excellent guide to climate change communication.
Start a good conversation with anyone
Not sure how to start a conversation about climate change with your friends, family and neighbors? Science moms will help get you off on the right foot.
Break the silence in your community
Everything you need to have climate conversations about climate change in a single spot.

Say this, not that

The words we default to often don’t resonate with people who aren’t thinking much about the problem of climate change. Changing our vocabulary can help other people make their own connection to the urgency of the problem of climate change.

Try saying THIS 😃

  • Climate change is making our winters disappear
  • We need to stop the pollution that’s overheating the planet
  • We should upgrade to safe and clean energy.

Instead of THAT 🤐

  • The climate crisis is here.
  • We need to reach Net Zero by 2050
  • We need to stop using oil and gas.

Check out the complete guidance from Potential Energy’s Talk Like a Human guide.


Our partners

This monthly action is in partnership with and based on research and guidance from the Potential Energy Coalition and Science Moms, two organizations who are working to break the silence on climate change and have productive conversations.