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Skill-building instructions grouped together according to themes.


Provided in a variety of formats - written, video and audio -  CCL's Training Topics help you learn, practice, and explore taking on a new dimension of climate advocacy whether you’re just getting started or are looking for a refresher.

Featured Training Topics

The Energy Innovation Act

CCL fully supports this legislation and is working diligently toward its passage. Visit this topic to learn more and take action to support the Act!

Core Volunteer Training

A sampler of all the basic trainings to get you up and running. For new volunteers, or anyone who could use a brush-up on a specific topic.

Grasstops Engagement

This series of trainings helps you learn how to engage and gain the support of your community’s influencers. 

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Recent Training

CCL offers two ongoing training series online: Citizens' Climate University for existing volunteers on Thursday evenings and Core Volunteer Training for newer volunteers on Tuesday evenings. Here are links to training from the past two weeks:

Upcoming Training

To join us via Zoom conference (instructions for how to log-on): click the training link to RSVP to those you want to receive updates on.  You can subscribe on iTunes, YouTube, and to CCL's weekly training reminders via email or text. Here’s the upcoming schedule:

Upcoming Training

Date & Time
07/17/2019 5:00pm PDT
Date & Time
07/18/2019 5:00pm PDT

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