Training Topics

Skill-building instructions grouped together according to themes.


Provided in a variety of formats - written, video and audio -  CCL's Training Topics help you learn, practice, and explore taking on a new dimension of climate advocacy whether you’re just getting started or are looking for a refresher.

Core Volunteer Training

A sampler of CCL's basic trainings. For new volunteers, or anyone who could use a brush-up on a specific topic.

Recent Training

See what we've been up to recently and catch up on the latest CCL weekly trainings.  

Upcoming Training

See what's on CCL's upcoming training calendar and RSVP for those you're interested in.

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Recent Training

Here are links to CCL's trainings from the past three weeks (click the "Watch" tab on the page to view the video and "Listen" for the podcast):

Upcoming Training

CCL offers two ongoing training series online: Citizens' Climate University (CCU) for existing volunteers on Thursday evenings and Core Volunteer Training for newer volunteers on Tuesday evenings. To join us via Zoom conference (instructions for how to log-on): click the training link to RSVP to those you want to receive updates on.  You can subscribe on iTunes, YouTube, and to CCL's weekly training reminders via email or text.

Upcoming Trainings