Landmark Legal Decision In Canada

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In a landmark decision on Nov. 12, a Canadian court ruled that fundamental rights can be threatened by climate change and citizens can challenge the government’s actions on climate change through legal means.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, equivalent to the U.S. Bill of Rights, asserts rights to life, liberty and security of person. The threat of climate change now has legal standing in protecting those rights.7e1651892a6ad917fa0dd9f5d5353273-huge-so

Seven young Ontarians, including CCL members Alex Neufeldt and Sophia Mathur (shown at right), were involved in the suit. You can read more about the case in this article from The Sudbury Star.

In other news, members from CCL International have joined the G7 Global Taskforce Working Group. James Collis (Chairperson Citizens' Climate Europe), Jess Wilber (intern with Citizens' Climate Lobby International), and Cathy Orlando (International Outreach Manager) are attending the virtual meetings and will sit on various committees. They’ll learn and share with groups across the planet how best to empower the G7 leaders to make connections and formulate plans for tackling the many crises facing humanity.

Posted by Steve Valk on Nov 18, 2020 10:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

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