More Cosponsors For Energy Innovation Act

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Congress may be on Easter recess, but that hasn’t stopped the parade of House members who are signing up to cosponsor the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Four more have come on board in the last two weeks, bringing the total to 32 representatives.

The newest cosponsors (shown at top from left) are Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA), Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA), Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL) and Rep. Al Lawson (D-FL).

Rep. Kelly sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the panels that has jurisdiction over H.R. 763.

Alan Hardcastle, CCL Olympia’s liaison to Rep. Heck, said, “We knew from the outset that Rep. Heck was receptive to the idea of carbon pricing. During our recent in-district meeting, he stressed that he wanted to be sure that all his constituents — especially low income, at-risk populations, and those from rural areas — would be well-served by H.R. 763. We provided the research, and it satisfied those concerns.

Regarding Rep. Porter, Kathy Orlinsky, CCL Southern California Coordinator, said, “Ever since she was elected, Katie Porter has been listening to her constituents. She holds town halls at least once a month and interacts with constituents on social media. Part of her responsiveness is knowing that the people in her district want her to take bold action on climate.”

You can tweet some love for these new cosponsors with CCL’s online tool.

Posted by Steve Valk on Apr 24, 2019 10:42 AM America/Los_Angeles


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