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bfb4228b31b889030fb18b16654a4c96-huge-crEvery month, CREDO Mobile’s Action Network donates a total of $150,000 to three 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations that are effectively advancing climate justice and other causes. Will you help us get a $50,000+ donation? Whether you’re a CREDO customer or not, you can nominate Citizens’ Climate Lobby for consideration as a grant recipient. This augments the already powerful climate solutions work that CCL volunteers and donors are doing!

Please click the link below to let CREDO know how CCL has empowered you, your community, and your state. You can share breakthroughs you’ve had with members of Congress, successes your chapter has achieved in building local support for climate action, the progress of national legislation, or the first letter to the editor you ever published with the help of CCL’s training. Whatever you decide to share, know that YOU are the secret sauce that makes CCL’s advocacy effective. Thank you for your passion and commitment to our work. And thank you for helping to support us in this way!

Yes, I’ll share my CCL story!

Posted by Steve Valk on Oct 23, 2019 12:11 PM America/Los_Angeles


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I voted and shared...

I discovered Citizens' Climate Lobby in 2017 and was a founding member of the Hawaii Island Chapter in Sept 2017. CCL has helped me weather the literal and figurative storms of our current climate disruptions in Hawaii: weather bombs, hurricanes, record land surface temperatures, and a marine heat-wave that is destroying our coral reefs. CCL has helped me focus on a carbon-pricing solution that has the backing of over 3,500 economists, including Nobel Prize winners, and scientists such as James Hansen. It is exciting to see a climate pricing bill, The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act 2019 (HR 763), introduced in 2019 with  bipartisan support. With support of CCL's fabulous staff I have learned to speak to community groups and to members of congress to urge their support for carbon fee and dividend legislation that is so urgently needed. Thank you for helping CCL to help me, and thousands of other CCL volunteers, in this most critical challenge of our time. 
  • Posted Tue 29 Oct 2019 02:39 PM PDT
Voted! Here is my share -
I have incredibly impressed with the support I have gotten from CCL since the first day I joined three years ago: from my chapter leadership, fellow members and national CCL. When I post a question on the bill Forum, I am always impressed with the quick response and useful information. One of the reasons I feel so comfortable asking people to get involved in CCL is because of how well it is run and the amazing resources that are available. CCL’s carbon fee and dividend is the single most effective to climate solution and has a wide base of support, making it easy explain and advocate for. I would say that at my core, I’m introvert; however, CCL has made me an extrovert for climate advocacy.
  • Posted Mon 28 Oct 2019 06:16 PM PDT
Great idea! Here's what I shared!
I started volunteering with CCL in 2012, helping to start the Portland, Oregon Chapter. When I first came to the organization, I not only knew very little about politics and economics, as they relate to climate change, but I also wanted nothing to do with either. I felt incredibly dumb around the whole issue, and completely small, ineffective, and hopeless that anything could be done. 7 years later, however, I have not only learned more than I ever thought possible about both topics, but I now feel incredibly passionate about speaking about and educating others about not only the power of their voice, but also about the power of a national legislative solution to move us forward into a livable future. Any organization that provides a solution that can help us reach the 1.5'C target set by the IPCC report, as well as one that educates, inspires and motivates its volunteer base to work to that end from a place of hope, deserves every dollar we can afford them!
  • Posted Thu 24 Oct 2019 11:40 AM PDT
Voted and it is super easy! Go CCL!
  • Posted Thu 24 Oct 2019 01:55 AM PDT
Done!  Go CCL!
  • Posted Wed 23 Oct 2019 08:46 PM PDT
  • Posted Wed 23 Oct 2019 03:58 PM PDT

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