Events tagging
Could you please add an event category?   Community Outreach
This would cover tabling events. I've been using Local CCL Event, but that's not really accurate, IMO.
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Hi Cynthia - thanks for the recommendation! I'm going to move this to the 'Feature Request' forum for our IT team to consider. 

'Local CCL Events' is the category that we intended for use for Community Outreach events because it is something that will only be applicable to those in your area. Would you be able to elaborate a bit about how the category hasn't been working for you for events you would want to label 'Community Outreach' events so we can find the best solution?
Hey Cynthia,
The event categories are not used for any kind of tagging taxonomy within Community. Rather they determine which event calendar displays the event. Local Event is simple and broad enough to cover all of the local events a chapter or region may host and have it show up on the appropriate calendar. If you select Local CCL Event it shows up on your local calendar. That's it. 

Are you envisioning using the categories to achieve an outcome? If so, what outcome would that be and how you would use the categories to achieve it? There may be some other ways to achieve what you're looking to do so help me understand what that is and we'll see what we can do.
Hi Sara, I have just started putting events on the event calendar so I don't know really how we'll be using it in the Austin Metro area. That being said, all of the events I've posted so far are hosted by some other organization, like National Electric Drive or University of Texas (for the volunteer fair) or the national Climate Strike. They're on the calendar to indicate a participation opportunity, usually tabling. But they're not strictly speaking CCL events.

A Local CCL Event would be our metro area leaders meeting or a Climate Advocate Training.

 On a different subject, I actually had trouble finding the calendar. I wish the headings on the left side of the groups page could include the heading Events Calendar or Events/Calendar instead of just Events. But I can see that the longer heading would mess up the neat layout of the column. And finding the calendar under Events is something I suppose we'll get use to.

Thanks for getting back to me about this.

Hmm. Well I hadn't considered what the tagging was used for. It just didn't seem to be the right language for what I am doing. So maybe it doesn't really matter.

I was looking for a way that our tabling and social media teams could see at a glance all the flurry of activities coming up in September. I started with the idea of a shared Google calendar, but before I got too far on that it occurred to me to explore around in Community for a calendar. 

My plan was to just send the team members an email to ask them to check the calendar regularly.  I see one can email all attendees from the event announcement. Can one forward the event just to a select few?

Any thoughts on that?  Hardly anyone here is using Community but I have a little personal campaign going to at least figure it out myself in hopes of migrating folks away from our Google group. 


Ah, OK. Yea I wouldn't worry too much about the category name then. Like I said it's just used for placement.

Regarding your question:

"My plan was to just send the team members an email to ask them to check the calendar regularly.  I see one can email all attendees from the event announcement. Can one forward the event just to a select few?"

Yes, you could share the URL every once in a while. Yes, the event creator and group owner can forward an invite to everyone in the group or just a select few. After you create an event you'll see an option on the event page (lower right) titled Event Invite with a green button labeled Select Recipients. When you click that button you'll see options in the popup dialogue to send an invite message to:
  • all members of the group
  • one or more users by clicking the plus sign to the right of their name.
  • people who are not Community members if you know their email address.



Some of the advantages of using Community events over a shared Google Calendar include:

1. The event creator has the ability to email those who have RSVP'd with updates and attachments.
2. All group members can comment on the event so that for outreach events you can coordinate moving parts more easily.
3. You can share your events to social media and add the event to your preferred calendar app with one click.
4. You don't need to know the individual Community user's email address.

Let me know if that answers your questions, Cynthia.

Very helpful!  Thank you!

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