Grassroots Outreach

Everything you need to know about tabling, presenting and hosting events for CCL.


These trainings will teach you how to successfully table at events, give public presentations, film screenings, socials, and other get-togethers as a way to drive local engagement with CCL.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Grassroots Outreach Basics

This training highlights best practices in the art of preparing for both tabling and presentations and what to do once you get there. Learn now!

How To Table An Event

This training reviews the basics and provides practice scenarios for volunteers to prepare effective tabling communication skills. Learn now!

Paperless Grassroots Outreach

This training provides advice on how to transition to paperless constituent messaging (generating calls, tweets, and online letters) during outreach events.  Learn now!

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Giving a Presentation

A solutions-focused CCL presentation is one of the most impactful actions you can take to generate political will. Learn now!

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Scheduling Presentations

Learn more about the process of scheduling a presentation as well as the resources and support available for schedulers. Learn now!

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CCL & Voter Participation Outreach

This training focuses on how to encourage your CCL chapter to participate in your democracy and increase voter participation. Learn now!

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Hosting A Screening

Learn how CCL chapters have used screenings to attract their community for discussions on climate and energy. Learn now!

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Paperless Grassroots Outreach

This training highlights a deeper discussion in creative ways that CCL groups throughout the country engage community members in their tabling efforts. Learn now!

Hosting A CCL House Party

Find out how to host a house parties or open home to generate engagement in your local community for the Energy Innovation Act. Learn now!

How To Clipboard An Event

Want to do outreach at an event but you don't have a table? Try Clipboarding! Clipboarding requires a few variations in approach explored in this training. Learn now!

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Processing Constituent Letter Forms

Follow the quick recommendations below to process the constituent letters your group collected and enhance your outreach and lobbying efforts. Learn now!

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Dive Deeper

Share your questions about tabling, presenting, and reaching out to your community in the Grassroots Outreach forum discussions.