CF&D leave-behind for fall 2023 lobby meetings
John Gage
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I'm working on a document from which we plan to share a graph or two depending on interest expressed by each office in our NH 2023 fall lobby meetings (e.g. the carbon pricing world map or household impact study chart).  Our plan is to include a 5-minute carbon pricing update in our fall lobby meetings and offer to provide the PDF in a follow-up email.  I'm interested in any suggestions/main points y'all recommend including on the first page.

Thanks, John

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@John Gage
Thanks for posting this John.  It's a wonderful resource, given the scope, depth, and links to sources.  I'll be sharing it with my D Rep. and the lead for a meeting team I'm on with an R Rep.  do the same.  

John Gage
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@George Kralovec - thanks very much!  In case you want to customize it for a region other than NH/New England, here's the original Google Doc version to copy and modify as you like. The original version references the Yale Climate Communications polling of NH citizens regarding their CF&D support and quotes the income benefits of CF&D for citizens in the New England region from the regional summary of the REMI report.  Nationally, the latter is $500/citizen gain in the tenth year.

Google Docs version:

Brett Cease
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Dear @John Gage, thanks so much for your hard work on this and for sharing. One note of caution I'd recommend with any leave-behind is the importance of keeping things to one page for any request. That's been CCL's tradition for a long time based on feedback from the Hill on what moves staffers and balances their attention with detail. 😊 

John Gage
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@Brett Cease - I agree, Brett, and thanks for the tip.  The way we'll do it is to tell them page 1 is the leave-behind, and the following pages are just details and references that support the ten points offered on page 1.

We hope to show a few of the graphs from the detail pages during our meetings.

We'll kick off the discussion time by asking if they have seen the World Bank's State and Trends Report for 2023 and if they are interested in some highlights we find interesting about recent progress.  If they are, we'll show the IPCC recommended price range for a 1.5˚C goal and the graphs showing Canada and the EU rising along that path.

Then we'll discuss the EU CBAM, the bipartisan interest in the PROVE IT Act, and Rep Cassady's Foreign Pollution Fee bill.  Then ask if they think our trading partners' rising carbon prices, CBAMs starting, and the growing gap between the US carbon price and others around the world will make it easier to talk about CF&D with their peers.

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