Building Community In Your Chapter
CCL exists to empower everyone to build political will for climate solutions. In this training, CCL's focused outreach staff, will discuss and lead a review of our work in reaching volunteers of color, students, and those politically right of center as well as review ideas and resources available to volunteers to help with your own outreach in your community. The one thing that holds all of our outreach in common, no matter who you’re working with is this:
Welcome the person, not the identity. Focusing exclusively on identity is dangerous because it lends itself to assumptions and stereotypes. This training first debuted at the June 2023 conference and will feature Sharon Bagatell, CCL's Youth Action Coordinator, Dr. Steffanie Munguía, CCL's Student Engagement Director, Karina Ramírez, CCL's Diversity & Inclusion Director and Drew Eyerly, CCL's Conservative Outreach Director.

There is no registration needed to join us. To join us the evening of the webinar, click the link in the section below or call 1-408-638-0968 and enter meeting code 273-716-354. RSVP to sign up for a day-of reminder and add to your own calendar by clicking on the icon below.

Post your questions in advance to the Event Comments section below and if you can't make it live, feel free to visit back here where the updated recording will be archived after the training. 

Thursday February 15th, 2024 5:00pm PST
Thursday February 15th, 2024 6:00pm PST
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