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Who is an "emerging group leader"?

An "emerging group leader" is someone stepping up to lead a CCL chapter.  You might be a new volunteer starting a brand new chapter. Or, you could be a volunteer in an existing chapter signing up as a co-leader to lend a hand to the group's leader. Maybe your current chapter leader has stepped down or moved away and you've volunteered to replace him or her.

However you wind up stepping up, the Emerging Group Leader program supports you in your effort to grow into the role of group leader, and in many cases, to start a chapter from scratch.

We offer a series of 12-14 Emerging Group Leader calls (recordings linked above) in which we cover a variety of topics (see list below) to help orient you as group leader.

Email CCL's Director of Field Development, Elli Sparks, to join CCL's Emerging Group Leaders program and be sure to also contact your state or regional coordinator to let them know of your interest. They keep tabs on all of the groups in their state or region. After you "graduate" from the Emerging Group Leader program, you will work closely with your state or regional coordinator on an on-going basis. 

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