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About Us
Action Team
Our mission is to engage community leaders to support CCL's policy agenda.  "Community leaders" include business owners, tribal leaders, school board members, faith leaders, locally elected officials, non-profit directors, professional athletes, celebrities, and professors in a relevant field at a large school.  Other individuals may be considered "prominent" based on the position they hold, such as a Sustainability Director.  "Engagement" often results in a public endorsement of CCL's policy agenda, but it may also take other forms - see more details in the Priorities section below.

Current Grasstops Priorities
1. Stay in close contact with your liaisons to learn
  • what community leaders are important to the Member of Congress (MOC)
  • what does the MOC need to hear from community leaders to move the MOC up the policy support ladder
  • what policies is the liaison lobbying for with the MOC
2.  Seek out leaders who have demonstrated support for sustainability, climate action and so on.
3.  Obtain support such as: testimonial videos, letters to MOCs, attendance at a lobby meeting, co-authoring an Op-Ed, and endorsements.
4.  Share effective strategies in our monthly meeting.

Upcoming Events

No events scheduled yet, but stay tuned!