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Mobilization Managers are essential to Citizens Climate Lobby advocacy. By mobilizing volunteers in their chapter to take the national Climate Action Program (CAP) actions, Mobilization Managers ensures that congress hears from thousands of CCL volunteers each month. 

 JOIN this team by asking your Group Leader to use their Chapter Roster Tool to designate you as a Mobilization Manager.

This CCL Mobilization Managers group gives team members access to group events, resources, a discussion forum, and peer support. 

Role description of a Mobilization Manager :

Work directly with your local CCL chapter leadership team specifically to:

  1. Set a chapter goal and create a plan for how many people you want to mobilize each month. 

  2. Include that goal in the monthly chapter meeting notes, and keep a spreadsheet that records your monthly goal and the actual number of people mobilized.

  3. Present the CCL-designated action at your chapter’s monthly meeting. It might be a CAP alert, a campaign, an item in the Action Sheet, etc. 

  4. Contact solo engaged volunteers in your chapter who do not attend chapter meetings to help them take action. You can find them by using the Chapter Roster Tool 

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