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CCL Community Mentors are CCL leaders that help increase engagement on CCL Community and improve the online experience for all our members.

Four Key Roles of CCL Community Mentors:

  • Moderators fill the gap of responding to forum questions from other volunteers and ensuring other members are following CCL Community's Guidelines online
  • Tech Supporters liaise with nearby local groups, support their use of CCL Community in their groups, and provide feedback on how to improve user experience back to CCL staff
  • Promoters help direct members to important training webinars, action opportunities and draw out key steps CCL volunteers can take in CCL Community
  • Social Sharers bring our work out from CCL Community and onto social media to draw attention to it on other platforms 

More Info

Commitment:   If you're interested in becoming a CCL Community mentor, sign up officially here via this Google form.  The goal is for CCL Community mentors to help with ~1 hours/week of online participation via any of the following ways based on your interests, but if you email you're welcome to work together to set up your own area of focus and support:

  • React to others’ posts with likes, applause, etc. (easiest and important)
  • Welcome new CCL members to our online community (i.e. in the “Introduce Yourself” category)
  • Address questions you feel comfortable with posted by other members in the forums (set up your notification and subscription settings accordingly to allow proper response time)
  • Be available to other chapter leaders interested in finding out how about your use of the platform
  • Be available for a new monthly CCL Community Tech support Zoom call or by joining us for a shift at the CCL Community Support table
  • Share training opportunities from CCL Community on social media (as comfortable)
  • Provide ongoing feedback to CCL Staff (via our Community group)

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