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The Book Study Action Team is a community providing space for in-depth and thoughtful dialogue on books and literature pertaining to Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s focus areas.

This action team provides a place for volunteers to share their thoughts, questions, and analyses with the rest of CCL, and allows the wider CCL community to come together by finding members with shared interests regardless of location.

New members, seasoned advocates, and anyone in between can propose books and study groups that fit their interests, which makes this team a useful educational tool for all of CCL’s members.

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This Action Team has been rebooted in lieu of the success from CCL's April-May 2020, "The Case for Carbon Dividends" book discussion. In June-August 2020 the team studied "The Case for a Carbon Tax" by Dr. Shi-Ling Hsu, and from August-October 2020 studied "Who Owns the Sky?" by Peter Barnes. Now, we're diving into "The Case for the Green New Deal" by Ann Pettifor and are excited for you to join in our discussions. You can find all of the information we talked about in the previous sessions below, as well as a link to our upcoming discussion and next event:

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