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The Book Study Action Team is a community providing space for in-depth and thoughtful dialogue on books and literature pertaining to Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s focus areas.

This action team provides a place for volunteers to share their thoughts, questions, and analyses with the rest of CCL, and allows the wider CCL community to come together by finding members with shared interests regardless of location.

New members, seasoned advocates, and anyone in between can propose books and study groups that fit their interests, which makes this team a useful educational tool for all of CCL’s members.

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The Book Study Action Team is excited to shift our focus this spring towards a holistic examination of intersectional environmentalism, compassionate climate solutions, and the roles we all play in the climate movement.

We will be reading and discussing Saving Us - by Dr. Katharine Hayoe, a book that stresses the importance of finding shared values with the people we desperately need to join the fight against the climate crisis. Please join us to engage in generous, courageous dialogue and grow together as compassionate climate activists and human beings. Check out the page for our first discussion of Dr. Hayhoe's much anticipated book, which will be held on November 17th at 8:00 pm ET/5:00 pm PT.

Find all of our past discussion guides below:

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