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In the spirit of supporting students while social distancing is in effect, CCL is offering a 15-week Climate Advocacy Training Program for anyone interested in learning and applying CCL’s methods for climate action. Participants who successfully complete the program by August 31 will receive CCL's Certificate of Completion, and if they are enrolled at an institution of higher learning in the fall, receive an invitation to join CCL's Campus Leaders Program to start a climate campaign or CCL chapter at their school.

Throughout the summer participants will:

  1. Attend CCL's (virtual) International Conference, June 13-14, 2020.
  2. Work with your local chapter and group leader to see if you can participate in a virtual lobby meeting.
  3. Participate actively in at least nine sessions of CCL's Core Volunteer Trainings and post in the program's discussion forum each week about actions, questions, or thoughts inspired by that week's training.
  4. Have one call with a regional fellow or the student engagement coordinator to discuss progress and further involvement.
  5. Write and submit a letter-to-the-editor or op-ed to your preferred media outlet.
To join, please fill out this google form. The deadline to enroll is June 10. 

More Info

Welcome to CCL's Climate Advocacy Training Program! We are so glad you have joined us to become a stronger climate advocate and take action on the climate crisis! For the next 15 weeks you'll be a part of this community within CCL, so please check back here every week to engage with the course materials and fellow participants in the Discussion Forum. To contribute to the discussion, reply to the topic each week and share your thoughts, questions, and actions inspired by that week's lesson or activity.

Please do all of the following upon starting: 
  1. Register for the Citizens' Climate Virtual Conference, June 13, and a Sunday workshop. 
  2. If you are joining CCL for the first time through this program, you will receive two welcome emails after you register for the conference, one immediately after registering, and another after an hour, with details on how to join your local chapter and log in to CCL Community. Please log in using the username and password provided in the email and find the Climate Advocate Training group page. Introduce yourself in the Discussion Forum. If you did not get a password or have trouble logging in, visit the help page where you can rejoin or reset your password. 
  3. If you are interested in participating in one of our June lobby meetings, please contact your chapter leader to request joining a lobby meeting. Your local chapter leader contact information is in the second welcome email that starts with "Welcome to _____ (chapter name)." Since lobby meetings may already be arranged, spots are not guaranteed, and inclusion is up to the discretion of the local team arranging the lobby meeting. Here's what you could say in your email: "Dear (chapter leader), I recently joined CCL through the Summer Climate Advocacy Training Program. I registered for the June conference and I would like to lobby with the (chapter name) chapter. Would you be able to include me in your meeting? My zipcode is (zipcode). Thank you!" If you are lobbying, we encourage you to attend our lobby trainings prior to your lobby meeting. Lobbying is only available to U.S. members.  
  4. Subscribe to email notifications for Core Volunteer Training. Each Tuesday you will get an email reminder to attend that night's live webinar. There are 12 in the series and you need to attend at least 9 and post about each one in the Discussion Forum to complete the program. 
  5. Join our Facebook group. This group is for students and non-student allies of higher education to connect with each other and information relevant for student climate activism. Follow CCL on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Each day we share the most relevant climate-related news and action items. 
If you have any questions please reach out to me at  
Looking forward to your participation! 

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