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Our goal at the Wildlife Action Team is to make more connections for CCL with Wildlife centered outreach. We will be fostering relationships with Wildlife Conservation groups across the country. We will also reach out to U.S. Representative led Caucuses that are concerned about the impact of climate on the Wildlife they represent. We will provide CCL members with research-based evidence, that will support CCL’s stance for lowering Carbon Emissions. We will also be working together to bring attention to the impact of carbon dioxide on Wildlife through op-eds that support the groups we work with while bringing attention to the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.


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Available roles:
Design Manager: Creates graphic designs to be used in the newsletter and on Instagram. Can work alongside with Social Media Manager to help create Instagram posts to bring awareness to climate news and team updates.
Outreach Manager: Serves as a liaison between CCL chapters and action teams. Helps recruit new members and communicate information that may be of interest (such as our newsletter) to fellow teams. 

Email if you are interested in a role or have any skills that you would like to contribute to the team!

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