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Action Team
Welcome! The purpose of this team is to engage Lutheran (ELCA) members and congregations, encouraging and enabling support of carbon fee and dividend. You will find the ELCA Advocacy carbon pricing primer in the files, which is the basis for our action here.
The team has two main goals:
1) ELCA/CCL members whose members of Congress (MoC) belong to an ELCA church will become aware of the ELCA Advocacy position on carbon pricing, so they can educate their MoC of their church's position. Living Lutheran identifies them here
2) Lift up EICDA and related legislation to the ELCA for possible endorsement, either by the ELCA itself or by its leadership as individuals.

Please find the ELCA Advocacy carbon pricing primer under the "files" link to the left of the page. Please also ask your church to print a paragraph found in the forums about how ELCA Advocacy gives us direction about advocating for carbon pricing.

More Info

We're glad you are here!  We hope you will find plentiful resources here to enable you to lift up combined ELCA and CCL principles for climate advocacy and solutions. Please help by 
1) introducing yourself in the forum, telling where you live (and work if you'd like to do so), where you attend church and which synod if you know it, and 
2) if you are a constituent of any of the listed Lutheran MoCs. We'd like to know when we have them all covered by ELCA constituents!
3) Tell us if your church or synod has created a resolution to ask the church to take action regarding climate action
4) If you have an idea for a monthly program, please email Leslie or post your idea in the forum. Any and all suggestions welcome!
6) Anything else you want to say? Thanks for joining up!


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