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Action Team
This team brings together CCL volunteers from across the country who are affiliated with the ELCA, the largest Lutheran denomination in the US (approximately 3.3 million baptized members in 8,972 congregations). We are actively working with individuals, congregations, synods, and the national church to build political will for climate action generally and to grow support for carbon fee and dividend legislation specifically. We encourage and support formation of creation care teams and networks within congregations and synods.

Welcome to the team! Please take a minute to post an introduction here--once you're at the link, just choose "Start New Topic," and let us know . . .
  • where you live and your CCL chapter
  • where you attend church (and which synod, if you know)
  • anything else you'd like to share about yourself
If your congregation or synod has created a resolution asking the ELCA to take action on climate change, please tell us a little about that.

The ELCA Advocacy document "Carbon Pricing Basics" provides a firm foundation for our work; see, also, the document "ELCA Carbon Pricing Principles and the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act", found at the Lutherans Restoring Creation website.


More Info

We organize our work with the ELCA using the same CCL levers you know from work in your chapters.

Grasstops: We seek endorsement of the EICDA and related legislation, either by the ELCA as a whole or by individual ELCA leaders. Endorsements at the regional synod level are very helpful!
Grassroots: We seek opportunities to make presentations to ELCA congregations on climate change and our proposed legislation, framing our discussion within values articulated by the ELCA.
Lobbying: We seek to include, when appropriate, the perspective of faith & care of creation in building relationships with our members of Congress. This might happen in a lobby meeting, if the liaison approves, or it might happen in letters written to a member of Congress.
Note: Action team members represented by a MOC who holds membership in an ECLA congregation will seek to educate the MOC about the denomination's position as articulated in the ELCA Advocacy position on carbon pricing. As noted above, this could happen in a number of ways.


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