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We support CCL volunteers to use the En-ROADS climate simulator to…
reveal through hands-on experimentation…
the solutions at scale that are necessary for a liveable planet…,
then shift people from passive agreement to engaged action for system-wide change.

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Questions and Planning Team:
Laura Iyer         Steve Levin
John Keller      Susan Wrasmann
Jan Berry          Peter Dugas
Barbara Sullivan-Watts, PhD

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Climate Interactive Unveils Major Land, Food, and Energy Updates to En-ROADS and C-ROADS

June 1, 2023 by Climate Interactive

Our two simulators En-ROADS and C-ROADS have been updated with extensive new model structure that has been years in the making. This includes updates to food, forests, electrification, carbon price, and more! The updated and improved models bring new policies and insights that allow users to have deeper conversations with others about the ways to tackle climate change that are grounded in science, not hype.

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