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Welcome to the Greenhouse Gas Removal Action Team!

GGR has two key attributes that motivated the creation of this action team:
  1. The IPCC says that in addition to massive emissions reductions, we must scale up our capacity to remove carbon from the air and oceans.  Going beyond net-zero, by drawing down the legacy of past emissions, will be necessary to achieve a healthy climate.
  2. More is needed to drive the required GGR scale-up, including research, innovation, investment and government policy.  Notably, there are many promising bills and legislative ideas, several with bipartisan support!
GGR (also known as “carbon removal”) refers to the removal of carbon dioxide and methane from the ambient air and oceans.  There is a growing set of diverse methods we can use to clean up the big climate pollution mess that we created in the sky and the oceans.


Large-scale GGR is necessary just to keep the 1.5 degree target in sight, and very large-scale GGR would also allow us to return to a healthy climate.  If we choose wisely, we could give our grandchildren the same hospitable climate we were born into.

We meet monthly, on the 4th Wednesday at 8pm ET.  Next meeting: Wed, July 24.  See the Events tab on the left for meeting details.

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