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Action Team
Rotarians, Lions, Kiwanis and other service club members working together to get their clubs to take action on CCL goals and activities.
Our clubs are often the movers and shakers and community leaders in our towns. Let's use that energy and those important connections to enact a carbon fee & dividend!
Current (11'22)  team chair is Alan Anderson,, Ph. 507-301-4673
Feel free to contact Alan with any question or suggestions you have about this team.


More Info

Recordings of past calls Rotary's Climate issue of its magazine highlights CCL's "Friendly Persuasion,"
pages 43-46, but you please read the entire feature, pp 30-53 and the forward by the editor-in-chief page 8, to learn how Rotarians act to develop climate solutions. 
April 2019 Rotarian Magazine: Climate Solutions Within Our Reach.

Link to Karen's 13 minute video from CCU, Nov 2017: Rotary 101 
Rotary & Service Organizations Community Outreach training page

Link to Rotary 101 Resources 
Link to slides (on Presenters Action Team)
Here is a direct link to Peter Garrett's Rotary Slide deck 

Examples of one Rotary Club's Climate Action Team
Rotary Club of Northfield Minnesota Climate Action Team Docs

 Updated PP talk with a focus on Rotary's responsibility in bridging the country's political divide 

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