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Welcome to the Catholic Action Team on Community!

The Opportunity is Now - watch our Catholic Outreach webinar that describes three actions that you can take now to move your members of Congress toward cosponsoring the Energy Innovation Act.

With the introduction of Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and the statement of support from the Bishops and Catholic Climate Covenant we now have the tools to make a difference.  

A group for Catholic CCLers focused on using Catholic social teaching on Care of Creation to educate and activate Catholics on global warming and putting a price on carbon. Pope Frances has written an Encyclical, or teaching, on Care of Our Common Home. This powerful and far-reaching letter is a perfect moral teaching for CCL to speak to the Catholic and people of all faiths.

Take action with faith-based outreach!

Please share what is happening in your chapter. It will help encourage others to reach out.

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Latinx Catholic Outreach Resources
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For Member Information, Outreach Partners, Presentations, and more.

Objetivos del grupo latinx catolicx 
Objectives for the Latinx Catholic group
1. Desallorrar una red de hispnohablantes que conocen y apoyan a CCL y al Laudato Si'.
Develop a network of Spanish speaking people who know and support CCL and Laudato Si'. 
2. Desallorrar una collección de presentaciones para el alcance comunitario en español y un grupo de presentadores.
Develop a compilation of Spanish outreach presentations and a group of presenters.
3. Dar precentacioned virtuales en español.
Give virtual presentations in Spanish.
4. Atraer nuevos miembros a CCL y a grupos para el Cuidado Parroquial para la Creación.
Attract new members to CCL and Parish Care for Creation teams.

Upcoming Group Meetings:
July 8th at 7pm EDT/ 6pm CDT
Zoom Link:

Catholic Outreach 


Upcoming Events

08/05/2020 7:00pm EDT

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