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Engaging farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners as individuals and organizations in climate solutions. Co-leads: Elli Sparks and Nancy Jacobson
CCL and Outreach to Agricultural Communities - intro webinar

Ag Action Team Monthly Call
When: 2nd Tuesdays, 9 am PT – 10 am MT – 11 am CT – 12 noon ET; Where: See the appropriate Upcoming Event.

Our YouTube Channel 

Recordings of other relevant Calls
March 14 - Paul Overby on Designing Sustainable Shelterbelts using a Modified Prairie Savanna Model (Draft), chat
Sept 13 - Ben Pendergrass on the Farm Bill, chat
July 12 - Dana Nuccitelli about Natural Solutions starting with Forests, chat

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Forestry Links

Our YouTube Channel

Savanna Institute Resources (agroforestry): "one"-pager and states with strong agroforestry resources

CCL's PA Forestry Panel: "Exploring Forest Carbon: Management, Markets & Policy"

ReLeaf Cedar Rapids - If you have questions that are not answered in the links within this link, please contact Dina Haveric, ReLeaf Outreach & Communication Manager,, (319) 373-0650 x.211.

CCL Site-wide Forum on Healthy Forests 

Example of laminated wood structure in building - roof of Portland Airport

Perennials - U of Minnesota's Forever Green Initiative

Lobbying resources

118th Congress Guide to Senate and House Committees on Agriculture (thanks Greg!)

Nebraska Ag and the Inflation Reduction Act handout for use by Nebraska lobbyists and inspiration for others (thanks Moni!)

Farm Bill Basics (thanks Greg!)

GCSA resources

NEW! Differences between the GCSA and what was passed in the ombudsman bill The Consolidated Appropriations Act - here

GCSA one-pager (by Ben Pendergrass)

Flannery's resources on the passage of The Growing Climate Solutions Act in the Senate

Intro to the Growing Climate Solutions Act

GCSA Outreach Resources from BCL-Ag  

Press release for the Growing Climate Solutions Act 

Comments by visitors to the 2021 World Dairy Expo during tabling (thank you Bruce Beck and his team!)

GCSA handout by BCL-Ag 

Alternative supporting ag asks

Interview Team GCSA Fact Sheet

Growing Climate Solutions Act 2020 and Supporting Materials .

EICDA resources (don't need this for December Lobbying)

Agriculture Climate Declaration

Outreach emails to farmers (written by CCL members)

FAQ on the EICDA and Agriculture

Study on Impact of EICDA on Agriculture and Supplementary Material (see pages 23-24 for info on net returns for each crop studied, for year 1 use GHG 15, for year 10 use GHG 25 data)

EICDA Information Sheet with Ag Exemption

SFR Seed supports EICDA - video

EICDA - Farmer Concerns and CCL Responses (some of this needs to be updated)

Ag Attitudes on Climate Change

Farmers and ranchers and foresters have the potential of becoming climate heroes by changing land use practices so that their systems create a net sink of greenhouse gases.  They are the ones who can most efficiently scale up the effort to extract carbon from the air and store it in plants, soil, and trees.

The Ag Action Team is collecting bills that help farmers, ranchers, and/or foresters changing their land use practices so that their systems create a net sink of green house gases. If you know of any more such bills in Congress right now, please add it to this tracking spreadsheet for Potential Secondary Ask Bills.
Soil Health/Carbon Sequestration Bills in State Legislatures
Soil Health Articles and Case Studies

Members in the Congressional Agriculture Committees
     House of Representatives

Presentation Slides Information/Fact Sheets Videos
Media outreach  
Grasstops Outreach

Coalition on Agriculture Greenhouse Gases
CCL volunteer Jan Storm serves as our delegate for this relationship.

Organic Consumers Association
Alexis Baden-Mayer, Political Director, has offered to connect CCL chapters with farmers.  These farmers may be willing to host a tour for a member of Congress of their farm with a CCL chapter.

National Young Farmers Coalition
Would you like to reach out to young and beginning farmers?  The National Young Farmers Coalition might be a good place to start looking for connections.  Jan Storm, Kelly Lively, and Elli Sparks met with Michelle A.T. Hughes, Federal Policy Associate, while in DC for the CCL Conference in June 2019.  
She is open to collaborating in the following ways:
  • Their Communications Director is leading the effort to craft a climate statement with case studies - if you would like to follow up with them on this, please contact Elli
  • Elli will help with connecting CCL staff with Young Farmers policy staff at the state and federal level
  • You can help by Introducing any young farmers in the CCL network with Young Farmers and vice versa


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