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Our support calls are on fourth Mondays at 8 pm ET. You can find our team's materials on Google Drive by clicking HERE.

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Now that we have a bill, MoCs are asking whether labor unions support it. Unions help to elect MoCs by contributing to their campaigns and getting out the vote on election day.  With a rising carbon fee, job losses in fossil fuel-related industries will disproportionately affect workers with good union jobs while new jobs created will usually not be comparable. Labor's concerns are a high priority for CCL.

By increasing workers’ wages and benefits, unions are forces for economic equality and fairness in our society. They were key to building America’s strong middle class in the 1950s and 1960s when union membership was high.


We are a grasstops outreach team focused on labor unions. We meet with labor union locals and labor councils to learn about what they do, what they may be thinking or doing about climate change, and whether they can support H.R. 763 or what concerns they may have about the bill. We work directly with CCL's DC office, where Andres Jimenez is reaching out to unions' national HQs

The Labor Outreach Action Team Leader is Dave Massen‍.


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