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Effective Communication Action Team

This action team in the past has focused on the use of "Motivational Interviewing", which offers a set of communication tools anyone can use in their advocacy work. This action team provides a system for learning and practicing these skills, and a forum for sharing how you are using them in your lobby meetings, outreach, recruitment and all your CCL work. 

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Welcome to the Effective Communication Action Team (formerly Motivational Interviewing), where you can learn and practice communication skills that will be useful in many places in your life, including all your CCL work!

To get started, we recommend listening to the the Introduction to Motivational Interviewing that was recorded in the spring of 2017, as a formal introduction to what our team has to offer.

Previous skills lessons/webinars can be viewed in the "Files" and "Videos" folders on the left hand side of this group page.  

Other resources for effective communication: 

The Listen First Project:
Braver Angels:
The Center for Nonviolent Communication:
Living Room Conversations:

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