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Climate Change advocacy can be deeply rewarding...yet it is can be stressful and exhausting. This Action Team aims to strengthen your resilience and support your self-care.
We currently offer two programs:
  • Our "ONGO" tool is a 12-week program to empower volunteers to practice self-care and create compassionate conversations. Up to 20 participants engage in structured exercises and expansive dialogues for individuals, with a buddy, and in a weekly group meeting. 
  • Our "Active Hope" program is a 2-hour workshop based on the work of Joanna Macy.  We use experiential exercises and small group sharing to strengthen your personal connections with CCL colleagues and generate fresh insights and energy to support your climate activism.
  • Other resilience resources are available and helpful beyond these offered by the Action Team.  Also consider:

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Special Announcement:
Resilience Building Circle

Come share your thoughts, feelings, perspectives and concerns about whatever is top of mind and deep in your heart around the climate crisis.  That may be the latest IPCC report, heat waves, wildfires, or other challenges you are personally experiencing.
All are welcome to join us for a combination of large and small group time with special focus given to listening and presence. 
Please register here:

Hosted by CCL's Resilience Building Action Team
Facilitator: Tamara Staton, Education and Resilience Coordinator 

A Practice of Gratitude Builds Resilience

Resilience is our ability to adjust to and bounce back from adversity and setbacks.  Resilience can be measured, learned and enhanced.  Seven primary resiliency skills have been identified by the University of Pennsylvania's School of Positive Psychology.  Optimism and beliefs about our effectiveness in the world are two skills that we can grow when we build on our practice of gratitude.  Would you like more gratitude in your life?  Read more here ... 

Designing a Gratitude Practice: Collage Video


Good Grief Network: 10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate
(note: We've had no participation in the Good Grief Network.  We welcome a report on our Forums from anyone that attends one of their programs.)

*Join facilitation team Kasia Stepien (Canada), Sarah Birch (South Africa), and Andrew Harrell (US) for the 10-week session Sundays starting February 7, 2021 at 10am Mountain Time. (Every Time Zone)
***Click here to participate.***

 *Join facilitation team Kristan Klingelhofer (US), Bradley Pitts (US) and Teddy Kellam (Canada) for the 10-week session Tuesdays starting February 9, 2021 at 5pm Mountain Time. (Every Time Zone)
***Click here to participate.***

You are invited to join us for our newest rounds of "10-Steps to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate" groups. For more information on the overall program, click here to head to our 10-Step info page. If you already know you want to join us, click the link below that fits best with your schedule. We'll meet 10 weeks in a row either every Sunday starting Feb 7th or every Tuesday starting Feb 9th. Our groups will be capped at 12 participants.
Check out CCL's recent Blog - The Nelson - West Kootenay, BC Chapter has had more members attend Ongo than any other Chapter.  It's made a difference . . .

How come we’re all getting along so well?

By Judy O’Leary and Laura Sacks

Read about it here:

Announcing New Ongo Session on Zoom
Starting Thursday, Janu
ary 21 at 8pm ET

All welcome!

CCL's eighth Ongo session will launch on Thursday, January 21st. Dozens of CCLers have found this 12-week program really benefits their personal well being and climate advocacy. For more info, see this link.

To sign up, please go here.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Jeff, Laura and Caterina
Resilience Building Action Team

Announcing "Active Hope" workshop on Zoom
Sunday, January 24, 6-8:30pm ET

Our next workshop of Active Hope for Climate Change Advocates is now open for registration. This 2-hour workshop, plus a short debrief session, will support you through experiential exercises and small group conversations to build personal connections and recharge your emotional battery!
For more info, see this link.

To sign up, please go here.

Please contact Steve Levin to learn more or to ask questions.
The Resilience Building Action Team


Leadership During Crisis & Cultural Transformation - Recording

Thanks Solemi and all of you who participated in our Oct. 15 webinar Leadership During Crisis and Cultural Transformation.  Solemi Hernandez led us thru 12 Principles for Spiritual Leadership, and we linked that to our climate advocacy work and CCL's core values.
If you missed it, you can watch it here

Peer Support Webinar on Self-Care - recording

Ben White, LCSW shares his experience as a therapist helping climate advocates to integrate their process into meaningful action.  Ben also encourages groups (like CCL Chapters) to consider incorporating periodically discussing the emotional toll of climate activism.

Ben speaks to ways individuals and groups can find support while facing the challenges of climate advocacy.

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