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Climate Change advocacy can be deeply rewarding...yet it can also be stressful and exhausting.

The Resilience Building Action Team aims to help strengthen group and personal resilience.

We provide resources and self-paced trainings all of whick are available on The CCL Resilience Hub:

We also host three distinct workshops: 
  • Resilience for local groups -  For those who’d like to work with your Group Leader to bring stronger resilience to your CCL group, check out our Group Resilience Coordinator Training. Sign up here.
  • Our ONGO groups meet for 12-weeks to enable authentic heart-to-heart connections, helping us to bridge differences. Up to 20 participants engage in structured exercises and expansive dialogues for small groups and partners. New program in January 2024. Sign up/Learn more here.
  • Non-sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) meditation - NSDR incorporates a sequence of mindfulness techniques designed to progressively relax the body and quiet the mind. January and February of 2024 Sign up /Learn more here.
For questions contact Jeff: 

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04/29/2024 5:00pm PDT
04/30/2024 11:00am PDT