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Climate Change advocacy can take a personal toll on the well being of CCL Members.  Anxiety about the future, stress over current climate impacts and the challenges of political conflict over climate solutions challenge all of us.  CCL's Peer Support  goal is to empower members to provide themselves and others better self care strategies and support.  For now we have adopted an introspective, peer support program called "Ongo" as a tool to empower volunteers to practice self-care and manifest compassionate conversations.  The Peer Support Action Team Leaders are Jeff Joslin‍, Laura Sacks‍ and Caterina Lindman.  Please reach out to any one of us if you have questions.

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Announcing New Ongo Session on Zoom
September 28th at 8pm ET

All welcome!

CCL's seventh Ongo session will launch on September 28th. Dozens of CCLers have found this 12-week program really benefits their personal well being and climate advocacy. For more info, see this link.

To sign up, please go here.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Jeff, Laura and Caterina
Peer Support Action Team

Video available
Thanks Solemi and all of you who participated in our Oct. 15 webinar Leadership During Crisis and Cultural Transformation.  In the webinar, Solemi Hernandez lead us thru 12 Principles for Spiritual Leadership, and we linked that to our climate advocacy work and CCL's core values.
If you missed it, you can watch it here

Laura Sacks

Peer Support Action Team Co-Leader
Citizens’ Climate Lobby


Welcome to Peer Support: Ongo

Sometimes our CCL work can be stressful because we are so passionate about our mission and struggle to encourage others to share our enthusiasm. But, if we just stop for a moment, take a long, deep breath and refocus, we can regain that drive to shine and keep on going. That’s the premise of Ongo.
Watch the Peer Support Webinar on Self Care.  Ben White, LCSW shares his experience as a therapist helping climate advocates to integrate their process into meaningful action.  Ben also encourages groups (like CCL Chapters) to consider incorporating periodically discussing the emotional toll of climate activism.

Ben speaks to ways individuals and groups can find support while facing the challenges of climate advocacy.

A new ONGO Peer Support Group will be forming in the coming months based on sign ups.  Many of us have found Ongo to be a great way to provide the self-care that enables us to be strong, more fulfilled and happier climate advocates.  How?  Find out more here ...   Sign up here. 

Peer Support Links ... 

Peer Support Action Team on Community (easy to remember URL):

ONGO Peer Support Group, next group start date and ONGO information sheet -

ONGO Peer Support Group signup -

Order The Ongo Book -  Order single books in Canada and the US (free US delivery for new books) here.

Organize Ongo - steps for Peer Support Team Volunteers -

CCL Ongo Google Drive -

Needs Wheel pdf for Ongo -

Deep Resilience Webinar July 24th

Watch the Peer Support Webinar on Self Care

ONGO Information and sign up link

Ongo Sign-up Form

Ongo Flyer

The Ongo Book guide for conducting Groups using Zoom video conferencing

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