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Presenters & Schedulers Action Team: Proactively proposing, scheduling and delivering solution-focused climate presentations.

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Monthly Action Team Calls Monthly Office Hours
  Last Thursday of the month
  5pm (PT) Schedulers
  6pm (PT) Presenters
  First Thursday of the month
  6pm (PT) All Action Team
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Purpose.  Scheduling and delivering presentations is powerful grassroots outreach. Our mission is to empower schedulers and presenters to proactively propose, schedule, and deliver solution-focused presentations to local audiences and galvanize grassroots support for national climate legislation.

Benefits. Preparing citizens to help lobby when a bill is introduced in Congress; gain first hand knowledge of local climate perspectives; grow CCL membership; amplify climate activism; develop grasstops relationships; stimulate public calls for climate action to Congress; hone your climate communications skills; and best practices for your chapter’s ‘speakers bureau’.

Motivational Presenting – Training & Support.  Learn how to extend and enhance your presenting skills in ways that galvanize your audiences in taking action. Contact Action Team Co-lead Dave Cain.
Virtual Presenting – Training & Support.  Can on-line presenting be more effective than in-person presenting?  Learn the in’s and out’s of impactful Zoom presenting.  Contact Action Team Co-lead John Keller.

Scheduler Resources – Schedulers book the speaking engagements.

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Co-Lead Opportunities – Are you interested in Co-leading one of CCL's largest, most dynamic action teams?  We have other Co-Lead roles to fill.  Help take us to the next level.  Discover the magic that happens as you join us outside the box. Contact us:  Dave Cain, Abe Mazliach, or John Keller


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10/28/2021 5:00pm PDT
10/28/2021 6:00pm PDT