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Welcome to the State Carbon Taxes action team!  CCL’s primary goal is the adoption of strong, effective carbon pricing by the US Congress, ideally carbon fee and dividend. State level policies can help us achieve our national goal.  

My name is Alexis Hermosillo, I work at CCL, and I coordinate efforts across the United States to put a price on carbon at the state level.  To get a hold of me, email:  

CCL’s State-Level Criteria

How does CCL determine whether to support a particular state-level policy? CCL supports climate policies or resolutions efforts that meet five criteria:

  1. Aligns with our Strategic goals (below)
  2. It Reduces greenhouse gas emissions more than existing policies
  3. It protects the poor and working class
  4. It meshes well with a national price on carbon
  5. It is politically feasible 

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Strategic Goals for of CCL’s State-Level Policy Work
The strategic goals that should be considered when deciding whether to join a state policy campaign are:

  • Pressure and/or cover for federal legislators to take bolder action.
  • Pressure and/or cover for important advocacy groups to take a bolder federal advocacy position.
  • Growing the diversity of the movement calling for strong climate legislation.
  • As that movement grows, being open to opportunities for endorsements/statements of support for federal legislative priorities.
  • Build bipartisan support for climate action.

Just as we expect in other forums: To keep the trust and confidence CCL members have with members of state legislatures and their staff we ask that all posts are kept as general questions asked without mentioning specific lawmaker member names or without mentioning specifically what was said in CCL  meetings or correspondence. 

CCL volunteers are actively working on campaigns in Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Virginia, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and others. 

Where ever you are, I hope that this action team will help you plug into carbon pricing efforts in your state. 

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