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Action Team
Welcome to the Unitarian Universalists' Action Team!  🙂
We are bringing the power of Unitarian Universalism to advance CCL's goals.

Our Action Team meets bi-monthly on the third Monday of odd-numbered months at 8pmET.  

Check out our short, impactful video describing UUs in CCL:

NEWSFLASH:  Unitarian Universalist Member of Congress Judy Chu (CA-27) is a lead co-sponsor on the EICDA of 2021!    Please watch and share this video of the Congresswoman explaining why she supports it!

If you haven't done so yet, please let us know how your UU congregation/fellowship/society supports CCL's work.  Comment on this Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Please join our Forums to engage in discussion or reach out to Ann or Nadine with questions! 

More Info

Co-leaders Ann Perry and Nadine Kadell Sapirman are looking forward to working with you to

  • bring the power of our UU faith to further CCL’s goals;
  • educate our UU friends about CCL and the benefits of a carbon fee and dividend;
  • solicit and secure Endorsements from our UU congregations/fellowships/societies and clergy;
  • work with leadership of the UUA to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and our UU volunteers
  • Our Action Team members bring the power of UUs to climate action, and empower people through democracy.
  • Take one minute to learn more with this video!
  • There are hundreds of UUs all around the country that volunteer for CCL, educate their churches/congregations/fellowships and ministers, and seek endorsement or support of this carbon pricing policy. 
  • The Unitarian Universalist Association endorsed the EICDA in March of 2019 with a Statement of Support.  
  • Two of the three Unitarian Universalist Members of Congress are co-sponsors of the EICDA:  Judy Chu (CA27) and Deborah Ross (NC02)
  • See Judy Chu talk about the EICDA in her own words here in this 3-minute video: 
  • As of June 2021, 43 UU congregations, 21 UU ministers and 2 UU state legislative organizations have endorsed the EICDA.
  1. Please join the UU Ministry for Earth's site,, and join our CCL Action Team group.  
  2. Call Congress or write to Congress,  AND encourage your UU church/congregation/fellowship members to Call Congress and join the Monthly Calling Campaign
  3. Share the video of UU Congresswoman Judy Chu with every UU that you know! 
  4. Seek the endorsement of your congregation and/or minister(s). 
  5. Explore our Action Team site on CCL's Community for valuable resources.  

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