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Welcome to the Youth Action Team!

Our focus is on supporting youth under 18 to be active, engaged, and empowered in building political will for climate solutions.  We welcome young people and their adult allies to join us! 

We have two main objectives:
1) to provide a space for CCL youth to communicate and interact with other young people;
2) to educate and support local chapters in providing opportunities for effective and empowering youth engagement.

We hold monthly calls for all on strategies and best practices for youth outreach and engagement of the second Wednesday of the month. 

Our Team has developed the Youth Outreach and Engagement Guide for Chapters to assist chapters to engage youth under 18.   We have also developed the Youth Leader Action Toolkit as guidance for youth to build effective and vibrant Youth Teams across the country. 

 We continue to compile resources and tools to support young people to be engaged in all five of CCL’s levers of building political will. 

The Team is led by Sharon Bagatell ( and Destiny Loyd (, and Franklin Wu (

You can email us at


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