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Engaging Quakers in climate action, emphasizing a CF&D approach.

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Welcome to the Quaker Action Team!

Our goal is to engage Quakers (Unprogrammed, Evangelical, Pastoral and Conservative branches) in climate action, with an emphasis on understanding the value of a carbon fee and dividend approach.

QUNO (Quaker United Nations Office) - Climate Resource Document (12 succinct cases made for climate action - for use with elected officials), Joint Quaker Climate statement (2018 Version PDF, or online).

FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation) Statements & Supported Interfaith Resources:

EICDA Minutes of Support & Endorsement:

The existing Quaker Climate Statement & Signatories is also available from QEW here:

Web Resources of Quakers & Climate Change  Also see Quakers in the World Website

As Quakers, we are encouraged to share our inspiring stories at either of the above links.

Does anyone want to write about how CCL & Quakers work well together?

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