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Striving to improve our communication with progressives, and build better relationships with left-leaning community groups, constituents, and Members of Congress. As we work to build momentum to pass a carbon fee & dividend bill in 2021, we believe bringing reluctant progressive members of congress to support EICDA is our top priority because we'll probably need their votes. Therefore our focus this year is on collecting, refining, and sharing information on what concerns progressive MOCs have about the EICDA and provide data and arguments to answer those. These same materials can help educate progressive climate activists in many climate organizations.

Bob Hendricks and Victoria Hendricks are the Action Team Leaders

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We're postponing our September meeting one week to the fourth Thursday to avoid conflicting with Yom Kippur. 
On Sep. 23 at 5:30 PDT, 8:30 EDT, we'll discuss the IPCC draft of the Science Basis Report. I'll start with a brief presentation on some highlights focusing more on changes since the last report and critical issues e.g. climate attribution science, tipping points, carbon capture and sequestration, and solar radiation management.
We'll meet on Zoom at

Annotated Index of Progressive Documents - All our files are copied into a shared Google drive. If you wish to add to this collection, upload your file into the "Files" on this site and we will add them.

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