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Bienvenidos al equipo de trabajo para Latinos de CCL. Este grupo invita a los Latinos residentes en EEUU que hablan o no el español a unirse y a representar a nuestra comunidad dentro de CCL EEUU. 

Welcome to the Latinos Action Team. This group is open to Latinos living in the USA who may communicate in English or in Spanish. Our purpose is to represent Latinos inside our CCL USA community.  

Monthly Call - CCL's Latinos Action Team
When: 2nd Thursday of each month
Time:  5 p.m. PT – 6 p.m. MT – 7 p.m. CT – 8 p.m. EST
Zoom call details: Please view General Calendar

We began in the Fall of 2017. This team is lead by Karina Ramirez.

Join us in our social platforms in Spanish (cclespanol/
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Social platforms in English (ccl.latinos)

If you wish to join our private WhatsApp group, please email

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More Info

(NEW) CCL's Latinos Action Team Guide to Community Relationship-Building
May 2020

View and download all of CCL's Spanish-Language Resources (Recursos de CCL en Español)

Latinx Catholic Outreach Resources General Google Drive Access

Latinos and Global Warming’s Six Americas (en español)
Published June 14, 2018

Climate Change in the Latino Mind (en español)
Published Sep 27, 2017

Spanish interview with CCL’s Joe Robertson 
Published June 2014, (Joe starts at 20:30)

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