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Welcome to Citizens' Climate Lobby California!

This group is dedicated to passing climate legislation in the state of California that's focused on CCL's four policy areas of focus. Currently we're lobbying for a CCL-sponsored bill, AB 858 California Climate Cashback Program. We're in need of liaisons for districts around California to lobby their legislator on this and other bills. To see if your district needs a liaison, check out our Liaison Tracker.


If you'd like to get involved:

  • Join us during our meetings on the first Thursday of every month
  • Hop on a working session call
  • Check out the links below
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More Info

Group Information
  Meeting Notes and Recordings
•  CCL CA Website

•  Setting up a Lobby Meeting
•  CCL CA Liaison Tracker
•  Introductory Lobby Meeting Template

General Information
•  Legislator Dossier
•  Finding State Legislative Districts in Your Chapter
•  California Environmental Groups 

AB 858 Information
•  AB 858 One-Pager
•  AB 858 Action Plan
•  AB 858 Lobby Meeting Template

•  Liaison Outreach Email
•  California Legislator Research Template
  Grasstops Outreach Email


This group is a CCL action team that exists to create individual breakthroughs in the exercise of personal and political power by lobbying for California State policies that address the climate crisis, focusing on legislation that’s aligned with CCL’s policy agenda.


We will become a statewide network of volunteer lobbyists with strong professional relationships with every member of the California Senate and Assembly, the Governor’s office, relevant executive agencies, and their staffs;

We will focus on the most effective state legislation and executive agency rules and regulations needed to address the climate crisis;

We will provide the training and assistance to help our volunteers develop their communication and lobbying skills and the technical expertise to assist officials in understanding solutions to the climate crisis;

We will have strong relationships with allied climate organizations to multiply both their efforts and our own, and,
We will be a resource to CCL chapters in other states to replicate our successes.

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