Working With Print Media

Use your local media market to spread the word about CCL and build support for the Energy Innovation Act.


These trainings address the many avenues and outlets for leveraging traditional print media to its fullest in spreading the word about climate solutions.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Media for CCL: Resources & Roles

An overview of how CCL’s national Communications team supports your local media work and where to find resources on Community. Learn now!

Writing Effective Letters to the Editor

Learn what makes an effective Letter to the Editor, as well as tips for getting it published. Learn now!

Opinion Columns (Op-Eds)

Learn the process of writing an op-ed, how to submit one to your local media outlet; and different approaches or angles one could take. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Generating Editorial Endorsements

Engage your local newspaper's editorial board by meeting with them and sending them regular updates about CCL's efforts. Learn now!

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Drafting a Press Release

Learn the process of drafting and sending a press release as well as writing an engaging "hook" for your local group's press releases. Learn now!

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Creating Writing Teams

Learn why writing teams are important, how to structure your team, possible actions and questions to be discussed, and a list of resources. Learn now!

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Building Connections with Reporters

Developing relationships with reporters is essential and you need not wait until you have a press release to start reaching out. Learn now!

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Dive Deeper

Share your questions about print media in the Media Relations forum discussions.