New Interactive Trainings Launch On CCL Community!

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Find out more information about CCL Community's new approach to interactive training pages below.

By Tamara Staton, CCL’s Education & Engagement Assistant

Aligned with the lead-up to our June Conference and Lobby Days we are excited to announce a new and improved learning interface for you on CCL Community! Until recently, each of our training topics has afforded our volunteers the opportunity to access larger blocks of content, organized by multiple pages of text, full webinar recordings, and audio recordings of the same. These are organized in a tab layout, providing easy accessibility depending upon the format preference: Read, Watch, and Listen.

While this approach has offered an important basic level of organization and information retention for our training content, we wanted to improve it even further!  We’ve been focused on creating a more interactive and engaging learning experience for you, one which breaks up the content, provides increased opportunities for practice and feedback, and allows for a more learner-centric experience based upon the best educational strategies for adult learners

We’ve highlighted a few of those strategies below, which provide you, as a leaner, multiple benefits:

Engaging: Drag and drop interactivity, shorter video and audio clips, photographs, dynamic text, and short quizzes inspire and motivate learning, attract the learner’s attention, and provide focus.

Practical: Within each training course, the content is spaced - not crammed - and interwoven with multiple types of practice, variation and relevance. 

Relevant: Content is right for the learner, provided in sequence, building upon prior knowledge.

Generative: Content and layout encourages reflection, and leads to increased opportunities for learners to elaborate in their own words. 

In addition to the new format, we have kept the original Read, Watch, and Listen options, with easy access to the same original training formats on CCL Community. Each interactive training course ends with suggested next training/s and we have also set up a Review platform, which allows learners to provide specific training feedback so we can continue to make improvements over time. Note: We are aware that the dynamic text scrolling feature is not functioning as well on Chrome and potentially other browsers.

We currently have three courses created in this new, more engaging format: Lobbying 101, 201, and 301, with 401 on its way for next week. Keep your eye out on CCL Community’s Recent Trainings as we’ll continue to roll out one new training course each week in this new format.

We are excited to be embarking on this new learning journey with you, and hope you'll enjoy this new opportunity to deepen your learning and up your advocacy game!

Posted by Brett Cease on May 27, 2020 1:09 PM America/Los_Angeles


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This is exciting to see! Thanks for keeping us moving forward. 
  • Posted Sun 31 May 2020 05:09 AM PDT
Thanks Peg for the kind words!
  • Posted Sun 31 May 2020 07:55 AM PDT
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This is fantastic!  Just when you think CCL has thought of everything, they manage to find ways to enhance experiences for volunteers even more!  
Thank you!!
  • Posted Fri 29 May 2020 01:30 PM PDT
Thanks Nadine for the generous uplift - it's been a dream of the education team for a long time to have more interactive training formats and thanks to the hard work and focus that Tamara is bringing the team - it's a dream finally being realized - keep letting us know your feedback!
  • Posted Fri 29 May 2020 01:43 PM PDT
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