Summer Reading Groupings From CCL's Research Department

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By Jerry Hinkle and Rick Knight, CCL's Research Coordinators

Given Citizen' Climate University is on summer break for the week ahead and some CCL volunteers may have more time on their hands during social distancing, the CCL Research Department has put together several “curricula” of existing resources you can use to become more expert on topics related to CCL's climate solutions advocacy.

Each of these five curricula are estimated to take around three hours, including time not just to read the resources, but to explore and internalize each of them as well. For example, we don’t expect it will take you 10 minutes to read a laser talk. But, after also checking out a few of the references for yourself, and perhaps rehearsing it out loud in a conversation you could imagine yourself in, 10 minutes will have passed before you know it.

Have fun exploring and leave any comments you have in the Ask Us Anything Forum!

1. Carbon Pricing Around the World

2. Carbon Dividends and How They Work

3. The Role of Regulations in Climate Policy

4. Why This is a Good Deal for the Economy

5. Border Carbon Adjustments 

Posted by Brett Cease on Jun 23, 2020 4:48 PM America/Los_Angeles


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The amount of research behind these talks is amazing. These will help to move the bill forward as we continue to communicate with our Congressional offices. Gives me hope!
  • Posted Tue 30 Jun 2020 08:41 AM PDT
Thank you Suzanne Moynihan‍- we'll be sure to pass this on to the Research team!
  • Posted Tue 30 Jun 2020 01:22 PM PDT
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