More Than 350 Volunteers Attend Western Washington Climate Conference

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By John Sandvig, CCL Washington state co-coordinator

On Saturday, April 13, CCL volunteers convened with other climate activists at the South Sound Climate Action Convention in Olympia. This year, CCL leaders in the region determined to hold conferences by states. In the case of Washington, two separate conferences were organized: this weekend’s conference was planned in collaboration with Thurston Climate Action Team in western Washington, and welcomed 350 attendees total. Approximately 90 of those were CCL volunteers. 

(The second state conference in eastern WA is being planned in concert with Idaho CCLers and is scheduled for April 20.)

The Olympia conference was oriented to workshops and skills-building sessions designed to give participants training, techniques, and tools to make them more effective climate action agents. The program included 32 sessions, five of which were specifically geared to CCL focus areas, advancing advocacy for the Energy Innovation Act being a prominent one. Conference participants reported fantastic experiences, much learning and camaraderie. We consider the opportunity to build collaboration and community with other climate organizations and activists in the area and to expand awareness of CCL and our approach to be important additional benefits.

The conference concluded for CCL volunteers with a CCL-centered meeting to focus on CCL emphasis items in Washington state. CCLers were thrilled to be addressed by 10th District Congressman Denny Heck, who cosponsored H.R. 763 just three days before. Rep. Heck explicitly requested the opportunity to speak to CCL volunteers and gave CCL specific thanks for our work advancing effective, fair, bipartisan legislation and for helping persuade him to cosponsor the bill.  We ended the conference on this high note having felt we made one more step toward preserving a livable world. It felt pretty good!

Want the ultimate CCL conference experience? Join us in Washington, D.C., for our annual Citizens’ Climate Conference and Lobby Day this June!

Posted by Flannery Winchester on Apr 17, 2019 11:32 AM America/Los_Angeles


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