Weekly Briefing: Hear Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson At CCL’s November Conference

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October 20, 2021

One of the reasons you don’t want to miss CCL’s November virtual conference — “Grit & Gratitude” — is the opportunity to hear from marine biologist, writer and podcaster Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson.

Ayana co-edited the best-selling book “All We Can Save” and co-founded the All We Can Save Project, which promotes the leadership of women in solving the climate crisis. Her work includes the intersectionality of racial justice and climate change, pointing out that we can’t address one issue without addressing the other.

The co-founder of Urban Ocean Lab, which develops “rigorous, creative, equitable, and practical climate and ocean policy for the future of coastal cities,” Ayana says that saving our oceans is as important as protecting the rainforests when it comes to addressing climate change. Writing in Scientific American, she said the ocean “offers major opportunities to abandon fossil fuels, sequester tons of carbon, and create a sustainable food system.”

CCL’s conference, Nov. 13-14, comes at a critical moment for solving climate change, with Congress working to move legislation that includes a number of measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the possibility of a price on carbon. The conference will provide a space to celebrate the work we’ve done to advance carbon pricing in Congress and to plan for what’s needed next. Join us for this joyful and inspiring event.

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In other news this week: media_lever_icon_color50X50.png

Biden email campaign goal within reach: We’re closing in on our goal to get 20,000 people to email President Biden to go big on climate with a price on carbon. As of Wednesday, more than 19,000 have written to the president. Biden heads to Europe this week to attend the UN climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. Help us finish up strong with our campaign by emailing the president and ask others to take action, too, with our easy-to-use online tool.

What’s happening with the reconciliation bill? News outlets are reporting that Senate Democrats will likely reach a deal this week on a framework for the budget reconciliation package. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse tweeted yesterday, “Ongoing discussions include assurance to Senators that emissions goals, including the role of a carbon polluter fee, will be addressed after a reconciliation framework is agreed to.” Keep an eye on CCL Community forums for updates, like this one from CCL Strategy Director Tony Sirna.

Editorial endorsements for carbon pricing: A number of CCL chapters have urged their local editorial boards to support a price on carbon in the reconciliation bill. The latest endorsement comes from the The Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, Colorado, which said, “We’re calling on our Senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper to back this proposal and get it in the bill.” Senator Bennet responded yesterday by tweeting the editorial and saying, “I'm pushing to include [a carbon price] in the #BuildBackBetter budget.”

CCL advertises in Washington Post newsletter: If you find yourself reading the new Climate 202 newsletter from the Washington Post this week, you will see some advertisements from CCL. CCL’s ads will appear around the content of Climate 202 all week, reaching an audience focused on climate change and climate policy. See the newsletter and our ads here.


Take action this week  endorsement_lever_icon_color50X50.png

If you have a little time: Like and retweet Senator Martin Heinrich’s tweet

Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) recently tweeted an op-ed in The Hill, calling for a fee to be put on corporate carbon pollution. “Pollution isn’t free. Not to the American taxpayer, not to our climate,” Sen. Heinrich says. Be sure to like and share Sen. Heinrich’s tweet here.

If you have more time: Check progress on the Get Loud, Take Action page

See how we’re doing in reaching our contact goals, and then take action to push us over the top. Through this new webpage, you can check your progress and email the President, your senators or your representative. Be sure to share this page with your family and friends.
Featured Lever This Week ccl_wrench_color50X50.png

Grassroots outreach: Power in the Park tabling

CCL Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator Sabrina Fu has been tabling at Maryland’s Power in the Park events to inform local residents about the importance of a carbon price. 

One visitor to Sabrina’s table was the Green Monster (pictured above), a local mascot in Maryland who frequents Power in the Park and other sustainability events. “The Green Monster is part of the festivities and enjoys playing basketball with the locals. It was so nice to hang out with everyone, and to feel like a community again.”

Thaddeus Waterman, the CCL state coordinator for Maryland, says the Power in the Park series educates people about their energy costs and clean energy opportunities.  “These events are great opportunities for CCLers to meet with the general public, as well as other organizations. Through participating in these small local events now, we are already being invited to larger opportunities in the future.”

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Upcoming Trainings speechbubblequestion_color_50X50.png

10/27: Dr. Katharine Hayhoe Book Q&A — Join world-renowned climate scientist and CCL Advisory Board Member Dr. Katharine Hayhoe for a CCL-exclusive one hour conversation. Join us!

10/28: Big Tent Climate Talks with the National Wildlife Federation — This month's conversation will feature CCL's Senior Business Relations Manager Kyle Kammien and Shannon Heyck-Williams, National Wildlife Federation's Senior Director, Climate and Energy Policy. Join us!

10/28: Nov. Lobby Training #1: Legislative Plan & Primary Asks — Join CCL's Vice President of Government Affairs Dr. Danny Richter for a training that will provide insight on the dynamics in Congress and how we can most effectively use our time in meetings to support our agenda. Join us!

11/4: Nov. 2021 Lobby Training #2: Supporting Asks & Final Guidance — Join CCL's Vice President of Government Affairs Dr. Danny Richter for a review of CCL's newly updated Primary and Supporting Asks. Join us!

Need training on the basics? Catch our next session of Core Volunteer Training, made for newer volunteers:

11/2: Planning and Practicing Lobby Meetings — Join this meeting for a lobbying practice session. Amy Bennett, CCL’s Director of Congressional Liaisons and Lobby Days, will host an online training on the preparations for your meeting, and what to do in the meeting. Join us!     

To see other topics and past trainings, visit the Training Topics page of CCL Community.


This week on the CCL blog:  magnifying_color-50X50.png

CCL looks back on Hispanic Heritage Month: CCL looks back on Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as the impact of climate change on Latinos, and what Latinos are doing about it. Read more.

Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 65: In this month’s episode, podcast host Peterson Toscano discusses the risks that come with extreme heat, as well as innovative ways to use insurance in response to extreme weather. Read more.

Phone and text banking as important as ever: One of the many ways CCLers can help communicate the importance of a price on carbon to Congress is through phone banking and text banking. Read more.

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