Rep. Escobar (TX-16) Joins List Of Cosponsors For Energy Innovation Act

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Texas Democrat Veronica Escobar is the latest House member to cosponsor the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, bringing to 38 the number of representatives who have signed on to the bill.

A member of the Armed Services Committee, Rep. Escobar introduced a bill last week to strengthen military readiness by making Department of Defense infrastructure and operations more energy efficient and resilient to climate change.

“Climate change is a major threat to our national security, and our military leaders agree,” she said in introducing the bill.

Tweet your appreciation to Rep. Escobar and other cosponsors of H.R. 763. 

Other news this week:

  • CCL Ways and Means testimony: Last week, Rep. Judy Chu, a cosponsor of the Energy Innovation Act, submitted written testimony from CCL for the Ways and Means Committee hearing on the costs of climate change. That testimony is now available on CCL Community.  
Posted by Brett Cease on May 22, 2019 1:02 PM America/Los_Angeles


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