November Actions & Speaker - Dr. Andy Hoffman, University Of Michigan

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2af39f8f5c9bd68858a65b1011e9203f-huge-anEach month, Citizens’ Climate Lobby supporters gather locally for a monthly meeting where we educate ourselves by listening to a guest speaker.

In November, our speaker will be Dr. Andy Hoffman, University of Michigan and we will meet: Saturday, November 9th, at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT

Solving climate change — and saving civilization as we know it — will require a major systemic shift in our culture. Andrew Hoffman maintains that we are in a societal moment akin to a new era of enlightenment. He joins us to talk about the system-level changes to our thinking needed in the anthropocene and the role of business in the great rethinking of our economy. Hoffman is the Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan. He has published 16 books, including How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate and Re-engaging with Sustainability in the Anthropocene Era: An Institutional Approach.

Playback options for meetings:

Watch or download the video recording. Or listen to the podcast on PodBean or iTunes.

November's Monthly Actions (click here to download the full sheet)

  1. Create Facebook Fundraisers to amplify our Year-end Appeal!
  2. Use the updated Personal Carbon Dividend Calculator to compute your carbon dividend
  3. Bonus action: See and share November Lobby Day on social media
  4. Communication exercise: Practice saying people could support your CCL work by donating (see action sheet)
Posted by Brett Cease on Nov 1, 2019 4:17 AM America/Los_Angeles


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Does anyone have a link to the Brookings Institute study that Dr Hoffman mentioned.?
  • Posted Tue 19 Nov 2019 04:16 PM PST
  • Posted Tue 19 Nov 2019 06:00 PM PST
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Where can I find a copy of the volunteer video of the middle school teacher that was shared during this monthly call? I'm giving a presentation to a group of teachers tomorrow morning, and I would love to be able to share it with them. Thanks! 
  • Posted Fri 15 Nov 2019 06:33 PM PST
Thank you for the link and for the quick response! When I posted my question late on a Friday night, I did not really expect to get a response in time for the Saturday morning presentation. You rock!!
  • Posted Sat 16 Nov 2019 01:47 AM PST
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Thanks Aimee! For now - just use the direct short link to that portion of the monthly call: All of the videos are going to be release one at a time in the month ahead on CCL's social media streams and will be announced featured on CCL Community as they are unveiled. 
  • Posted Fri 15 Nov 2019 07:11 PM PST
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