Climate Conversations Materials

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These materials can help you prepare for your climate conversations as part of CCL's Earth Month Climate Conversations campaign. 
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Conversation Stickers

Climate Conversations Stickers are available here.

Climate Conversations Handout

This one-page handout is meant to help provide a quick reminder of the recommended steps for your climate conversations - connecting why we care in our heart with what we know in our head and what we can do with our hands.  Below the graphics is an example of what someone might say at each step. For example, Potential Energy has found that globally, the sentiment of ‘protect the planet for future generations’ resonates more broadly than any other sentiment including across political divides in the United States. So the suggested conversation opener is to share your concern about future generations and ask how your conversation partner feels. Then, you could include a fact, such as, “The world is heating up to 50 times faster than it has at any other time in history.” Finally, we want to integrate solutions, emphasizing that our elected officials hold the keys to solutions, but we to speak up to get them to act. At the bottom of the one-pager, are some quick tips, reminders and a QR code to log the conversations.
Climate Conversations HandoutClimate Conversations Handout(.pdf)(added 3/31/24)206 KB

Climate Conversations Tabling Trifold

This new trifold display clearly and concisely emphasizes the urgency of the problem. It is designed for a 36" x 48" trifold board with 12' sides to accommodate the 8.5" x 11" sheets in a landscape orientation (laid sideways). Thee is a total of 4 sheets each across and down, so 16 in total with the first page serving as an overview guide of how to set up your board.

The first panel begins by saying, “2023 was the hottest year on record. There’s a good chance that 2024 will beat it.” Below it is an inspirational quote from Dr. Hayhoe, then it briefly describes four climate impacts. The middle panel focuses on encouraging people to get involved with CCL. The last panel frames the problem of carbon pollution and highlights clean energy as a solution but in a way that describes it as an upgrade rather than focusing on scarcity. You can choose to print your own photos to replace the ones we have provided. 

Climate Conversations Tabling TrifoldClimate Conversations Tabling Trifold(.pdf)(updated 4/2/24)11788 KB

Climate Conversations Overview Graphic

If you'd like a 8.5" x 11" table sign to highlight CCL's campaign and overall goal with more information on the website.

Climate Conversations Campaign Overview Climate Conversations Campaign Overview (.pdf)(added 4/2/24) 261 KB

Spiral of Silence Graphic

To help highlight the spiral of silence, here’s a graphic that shows that sequence in more detail.


Spiral of Silence GraphicSpiral of Silence Graphic(.png)(created 4/1/24)891 KB
Looking for an easy way to keep track of all the conversations you have over the Earth Day weekend in one place? Use this Climate Conversation Tracker handout provided by CCL group leader Vanessa Berry to help you tally!

Climate Conversations Tally Sheet (1/6-Sheet)Climate Conversations Tally Sheet (1/6-Sheet)(.pdf)(added 4/19/24)3953 KB
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