Senior Sourcing Specialist, Nature-Based Solutions, US & Canada

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South Pole is an energetic, global company offering comprehensive sustainability solutions and services. With offices spanning all continents across the globe, we strive to create a sustainable society and economy that positively impacts our climate, ecosystems and developing communities. With our solutions, we inspire and enable our customers to create value from sustainability-related activities.

Our Project Sourcing team works hand in hand with project owners and developers, active in the carbon markets and renewable energy space, to identify, negotiate and contract new emission reduction projects. By acquiring new projects within our portfolio, we ensure that South Pole always has the right mix of carbon credits available to meet the demands of our clients. If you’re an ambitious and dynamic sustainability professional with a strong passion to make a real difference in the fight against climate change, this position may be right for you!

Job summary:

This exciting position will play an integral role in expanding South Pole’s sourcing strategy in the US and Canada. As part of the Climate Projects Team, this position will support project origination for nature-based solutions in the US and Canada. Working directly with carbon project owners and developers, the successful candidate will research, identify, qualify, and contract new emission reduction projects. This exciting opportunity includes a combination of business development, technical analysis, and stakeholder engagement as part of a highly driven and rapidly expanding team.

Reporting to the Sourcing Manager, USA+CAN within the Climate Projects business line, the successful candidate will help cultivate and grow the region’s nature-based solutions project portfolio (including project types such as improved forest management, afforestation/reforestation, grassland restoration, etc.). In this client-facing position, you will help build South Pole’s brand, promote our project services, and strengthen our regional project pipeline. Coordinating closely with other teams, you will research, identify, and qualify potential project partners, coordinate data collection for project assessments, clearly explain key carbon project principles and ensure a swift, efficient, and positive partner experience. This position will work closely with the Sourcing Manager, USA+CAN to negotiate commercial terms for our project development services and emission reduction purchase agreements.

Main tasks & responsibilities:

  • Coordinate closely with the Sourcing Manager to research new project leads in key areas
  • Maintain, collect, and research relevant data related to NBS projects (including improved forest management, afforestation/reforestation, blue carbon, grasslands restoration, etc.), to generate project opportunities/leads and maintain basic knowledge of the regulatory landscape
  • Attend meetings, seminars, workshops, and events relevant to sourcing team activities, with the primary goal of promoting South Pole and our activities and identifying potential leads
  • Support the attainment and overachievement of global NBS project sourcing goals for the region
  • Collect data from project owners or third parties for due diligence, financing plans, and budgets, technical, financial, and legal documentation
  • Ensure smooth and effective project management throughout the sourcing process, coordinating as necessary with South Pole’s global teams
  • Ensure that sourcing flows and processes (including documentation and interaction with other teams) align with the company guidelines
  • Manage and maintain databases (i.e.: Salesforce), ensuring that information regarding project leads and opportunities is well-recorded and updated


Essential -

  • University degree in Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Forestry, Conservation biology, Sustainability, Finance, or another relevant discipline
  • Relevant experience working in nature-based solutions and/or the carbon markets
  • Demonstrated skill with commercial transactions, business acumen, or customer relations
  • Entrepreneurial and highly proactive mindset, willingness to take initiative
  • Knowledge of legal and contract management aspects
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail with excellent project management and coordination skills
  • Comfortable translating complex scientific topics into easily digestible concepts for unfamiliar audiences
  • Professional proficiency in English language skills, both oral and written
  • Comfortable working with international and multicultural teams

Desirable - 

  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Existing networks in NBS, forestry, or conservation
  • Experience working with indigenous groups
  • Knowledge of carbon credits and related international voluntary standards
  • Experience in project identification and screening for potential leads
  • Professional proficiency in Spanish or another foreign language is a plus

What we offer:

At South Pole, we care about our employees as much as we care about the planet. South Pole is not just an employer, we are a Team. South Pole does not just offer people a job, we offer you a career. By joining our team, you will find strong purpose and deep meaning in everything you do. You will have the chance to make a real difference for our clients and for the planet, working alongside a passionate team of like-minded colleagues, while building your knowledge/skills and developing your career in a fun, dynamic, international and fast-growing organisation. 

We’re a planet of 7.5 billion unique and different people. We all have a contribution to make and South Pole is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status or disability. Our recruitment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit and business need.


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