OCI Research Analyst - March 6
Brett Cease
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I’m excited to share that Oil Change International (OCI) is hiring a Research Analyst to add capacity to our core research team and work across our programs to push back against the fossil fuel industry's lies and advance a just transition away from oil and gas extraction. The position is fully remote, although we are looking for candidates within six (6) hours of the U.S. Eastern time zone — so UTC -11 through UTC +1. 

The deadline to apply is March 6, 2023 (next Monday). Here are the highlights and links to share — we appreciate any help in spreading the word, including by sharing this Tweet, this Tweet, or forwarding this job description to your contacts and networks:


Research Analyst position

This early-career position will involve using hard-to-access energy industry data to produce timely and impactful analysis in support of frontline campaigns against new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to hold governments and institutions accountable to ensuring a rapid and equitable phase-out of fossil fuel extraction. The Research Analyst will report to Oil Change International's Research Co-Director and be part of the core Research Team.


The ideal candidate will have skills in quantitative and qualitative data analysis (emphasis on quantitative), some background in conducting research on energy, climate, and/or related social justice issues, and a passion for using data as a tool to advance advocacy campaigns. Experience doing analysis in Global South contexts and/or related to just energy transition issues are pluses.

Reports to: Research Co-Director
Location(s): Virtual / remote work. Candidates must be willing to occasionally work flexible hours to coordinate with colleagues across time zones and be located within 6 hours of the US Eastern time zone (i.e. UTC -11 through UTC +1).
Position Type: Full-time (36 hours per week), exempt
Salary Range: USD 68,500 to 73,000 annually

Application Deadline: March 6, 2023; position will be open until filled

Full Description: https://my.career.place/static/jobs/research-analyst-20221024-cldx7tpie1tg10qp7yuje0lgz


We would greatly appreciate it if you can share this role with your contacts and networks! And of course, please apply if you are interested in the role yourself. I'm happy to talk if you have questions about the Research Analyst position or about Oil Change International. 




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