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The Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) is a unique non-profit planning organization that provides planning and policy services, drives cross-agency and collaborative statewide planning initiatives and guides urban, rural, and regional planning implementation in Louisiana. CPEX brings together community members and leaders from across the state and provides guidance as they work toward a shared vision for future smart growth and sustainable development. CPEX continues to be on the cutting edge of climate, resilience, and healthy community design in Louisiana.



CPEX is seeking a highly strategic Campaign Manager for the PowerUp Louisiana platform. The Campaign Manager will create and execute a multi-year roadmap to advance the PowerUp campaign, a multi-pronged effort to drive clean energy discussions and policies in Louisiana. This role requires the ability to strategically build a bipartisan coalition of industry, elected officials, and grassroots organizations and translate it into tangible policy wins for wind and solar technologies at the state level.



PowerUp Louisiana is a platform where government officials, state legislators, experts and stakeholders, nonprofit organizations, and coalitions come together to advance discussions on clean energy opportunities for Louisiana through policy and decision making. PowerUp is dedicated to advancing a vision for creating a livable, thriving, and prosperous state through clean renewable energy - offshore wind and solar in particular. Renewable energy stands out as one of the most affordable technologies in the energy market, and presents an immediate opportunity for revenue generation, job creation, and economic growth.



  • Together with the CPEX team and its partners, develop campaign objectives and policy goals.
  • Create a roadmap to reach campaign objectives, including individual and organizational targets and timelines to meet specific policy goals.
  • Develop a strategy to build local political support and engagement in major metro areas and strategic communities across Louisiana.
  • Move a policy agenda through the Louisiana legislature that taps into grassroots and industry support for clean energy, particularly wind and solar.
  • Develop strategic messaging and communications, targeting elected officials, heads of state agencies, other decision-makers and political influencers, and residents with diverse political perspectives.
  • Orchestrate events and meetings in a way that builds relationships, shared language, and shared understanding among key decision-makers.
  • Build and nurture positive relationships with elected officials, fostering collaboration across party lines.
  • Manage relationships with key institutional partners (i.e. large employers, chambers) as well as grassroots nonprofit partners and consultants.
  • Work with the PowerUp Project Manager and CPEX’s communications team to manage internal communications and reporting for the campaign, keeping key stakeholders informed throughout the planning and execution process and leveraging the skills and expertise of colleagues across the organization.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the value of renewable energy, emphasizing its significance in mitigating climate change and its impact on Louisiana.



The following skills and qualifications designate our ideal candidate. We encourage potential candidates to apply even if they do not meet all the criteria below.

  • Proven track record of defining and executing campaign strategies, including coalition-building and consensus-building in a bipartisan environment.
  • Demonstrated success moving policy through state legislature.
  • Strong understanding of the Louisiana political environment, with a set of political relationships that can be leveraged to advance legislative and executive policy.
  • Demonstrated success managing a high-profile political campaign.
  • Understanding of the importance of the renewable energy sector and its role in climate change adaptation and mitigation and fostering economic prosperity.
  • Exceptional strategic communication skills and media savvy, enabling effective engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.



  • Location: This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits in a flexible in-office work environment located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The successful candidate will be expected to regularly attend CPEX events and meetings in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and around Louisiana, including some evening and weekend events when necessary.
  • Salary: The salary range is $80,000 - $115,000 and will be commensurate with the successful candidate’s level of experience.
  • Application Requirements: Applicants must be authorized to work in U.S.. Eligible applicants must submit a resume and cover letter to Spring Gaines at sgaines@cpex.org with the subject line, “PowerUp Campaign Manager.” Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Qualified candidates will be invited for virtual or in-person interviews on an ongoing basis.



CPEX is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion and we aspire to do so intentionally, in every aspect of our work. We recognize that sustainable prosperity and community resilience cannot be realized in the absence of equity and inclusion for all Louisiana residents, and we strive to lift all voices in our efforts to ensure that all Louisianans are included in the decisions that impact their communities, region, and state. CPEX is committed to integrating DEI into the fabric of our organization and our work, from our internal culture to how we partner with communities, to how we use our resources, and we are continually seeking ways to expand our impact and improve our performance on these measures. A successful candidate will be equally committed to these goals and values.


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